Therum: Find Liara T'Soni

Therum: Find Liara T'Soni
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Given ByCaptain Anderson
ObjectiveFind Liara T'Soni.
Next MissionNoveria: Geth Interest
Feros: Geth Attack

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[edit] In the Mako

Before you leave the Citadel for the first time, Captain Anderson will mention that Matriarch Benezia's daughter has been spotted in the Artemis Tau Cluster. Her name is Liara T'Soni and Anderson believes she may know something about Saren and Benezia's location. To find Liara, head to the Knossos System in the Artemis Tau Cluster. Head to the Planet Therum and the Normandy will drop you off in the Mako. Joker will mention that there's some strange readings coming from the south, so head down the linear path and try to avoid the lava pools.

Therum's Surface

As you continue up the path a Geth Ship will drop off two Geth Armatures, you can choose to kill them for more EXP or simply drive past them to avoid any damage. After fighting off more Geth forces you'll come to a gatehouse which is protected by three large turrets. One of your squad mates will informed you that the enemy has the advantage here and you should look for another way around. To the left of the gatehouse is a small pat that will lead you around the back of the gatehouse. Here you'll have to destroy a small turret and half a dozen Geth soldiers. Once the area is clear head south to find another gatehouse. This one is locked, so head out of the Mako and walk into the small building to the right of the gatehouse, in here you'll find a Geth soldier waiting to ambush you. Kill the Geth and activate the button to open the gatehouse. Further up the road you'll come across two tunnels, one is defended by a Geth Colossus and the other by Geth Rocket Troopers. At the end of the road you'll come to a path that's too small for the Mako, so you'll have to continue on foot.

[edit] On Foot

Armature landing on Therum

While walking up the hill you'll come across small groups of Geth troopers, these shouldn't cause you too much problems. As you move out of the narrow path and into a more open space, you'll be hit by the Geth's major assault. There's still only about half a dozen Geth to fight but this attack includes Rocket Troopers and Geth Snipers. When the area is clear, head up to the top of the hill. When a large structure comes into view you should save the game as the next part can be tricky. When you get closer to the structure, a cut-scene will trigger showing a group of Geth Hoppers and a Geth Armature landing in front of you. Stay behind the two large crates to avoid the Armature's blast gun. Focus on killing the Hoppers and the shocker troopers first. Hoppers can destroy your shields in a single shot, they can also jump around the structure very quickly making them harder to kill. Once the hoppers are dead put all you focus on the Geth Armature. These may seem easy enough to kill in the Mako, but on foot they are much more dangerous. One shot from there blast gun can be fatal so stay hidden behind the crates. There's always a few seconds of charging up time between each shot from the Armature, so wait until it's fired a shot then attack it with Guns, Grenades and any Biotic or Tech features you have. Repeat this method a few times to kill the Armature then head inside the mine.

[edit] In the Mine

Once inside the mine, head down the long corridor where a Geth trooper is waiting in ambush. Killing this trooper will alert more Geth below including a Geth Sniper. Take out all the Geth and head down the catwalk until you come to a lift. The lift will take you further down into the mine, when it stops you will be attacked by three Geth Drones. Destroy them and continue along the catwalk until you come to a second lift. This lift will break down in mid air, forcing you to climb down the ruin on foot. When you reach the next catwalk you'll hear a voice asking for help, behind you is Liara T'Soni, who has managed to trap herself in a force-field. You can choose to question her about Benezia now or after you've rescued her, either way she tells you that she doesn't know where Benezia is and they haven't spoken in years.

Liara escaping out of the mine before it collapses

Finishing the conversation with Liara will trigger the Geth to attack from below. Head down to the bottom floor and take out all the Geth including and Sniper and a Rocket Trooper. When all the Geth have been destroyed head over to the mining laser controls which are found on the same level as the Geth. The mining laser requires a four button sequence to activate, the sequence is A X B Y. This will blast a hole in the mine below when Liara is trapped. Behind the hole is a lift which will take you up to Liara's level, there's also a switch to release her from the force-field. After a short conversation about why she was in the mine, the entire mine begins to shake; the blast from the mining laser has caused and earthquake within the mine. Shepard orders Joker to bring in the Normandy and they all head up to the top of the mine via the lift. When you reach the top you'll be stopped by a group of Geth led by a Krogan Battlemaster. No matter what dialogue options you choose, you will have to fight your way out of the mine. Ignore the Krogan for now as he will usually seek cover, take out the Geth Sniper first, followed by the Rocket Trooper. When the rest of the troopers are destroyed, focus on the Krogan. If you have any biotic abilities try using lift and throw to keep him off his feet, when a Krogan's health gets low it uses a charge attack which can be very lethal. When all enemies are dead a cut-scene will trigger showing you and your squad barley making it out of the mine before it collapses.

[edit] Epilogue

Back on the Normandy, Liara explains that the mine is a Prothean ruin and that she has been studying the Protheans many years (to Ashley's surprise, Liara explains that she's 106 years old). She believed that the Prothens vanished in a cycle of extinction. After the conversation Liara will ask to stay on board the Normandy for protection. Whether you choose to respond in a positive of Negative manner, she will still join you as the final squad member.

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