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The Systems Alliance is the governing body for all of Humanity in galactic space, created by Earth's most powerful Nations. It's responsible for Humanity's military and economic power in Citadel space but the main reason for it's creation was to expand and defend humanity's position in the galaxy. Although they have only been apart of the galactic community for a few decades, they have already impressed other species in the galaxy with the size of their military forces. The Turians are the only species that have a superior military force than the Humans. Some people believe that the humans quick adaptability is a good thing for the Galaxy, however most people believe that the Systems Alliance is growing too fast. Many species see humans as aggressive and dominating, this is likely because the Galaxy had gone 1,200 years without a war before Humans entered the picture. In the 34 years since Humans discovered faster-than-light space travel, they have been part of two wars with the Turians and the Batarians.

The Systems Alliance has only had 2 Ambassadors since gaining an embassy on the Citadel. Anita Goyle was the first ever Human Ambassador of Earth. She was succeeded by Donnel Udina who is the current Ambassador at the time of Mass Effect.

[edit] Start of the Alliance

In 2148, a team of explorers were digging deep into the surface of Mars when they discovered a Prothean data cache that proved to the humans that their was other life forms in the Galaxy. Traces of a mysterious substance that would later be known as Element Zero was found on the Prothean technology. It was hailed as the greatest discovery in human history. When word of this got back to Earth, the planet was plunged into a state of shock and fear. Religion was the biggest thing affected by the discovery. Many people were questioning the beliefs that they and their ancestors had followed for centuries. Other people were questioning the purpose of mankind. Are they aware of our existence? Were we created as an experiment for other species?

While Reigious beliefs had been damaged by the discovery, the political powers of the world used it as a chance to unite together in a "Us vs Them" scenario. The eighteen biggest countries in the world joined together to create the Systems Alliance, a government and military created for the purpose of expanding and defending human territory.

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