Shadow Broker

The Shadow Broker is a mysterious and powerful person who specializes in the trade of secrets and knowledge. His true identity is a mystery, and no one knows who or what he is. It is unknown whether the Shadow Broker is a single person or even a group of persons, as hypothesized by some of his agents.

The Shadow Broker is completely a-political and does not take sides politically or morally. He sells his information to the highest bidder and buys death contracts on those who betray him, but honours agreements and exchanges as part of his standard business practice. He expects the same courtesy is given to him, regardless of whether the person who brokered any deals with him is even alive anymore (as was the case in Rear Admiral Kahoku's search for Cerberus).

[edit] Agents

The Shadow Broker employs various agents who operate on his behalf, buying and selling secrets to the highest bidder. These agents do not know who he is, and prefer to remain ignorant of such details. One such agent is a Volus in the Financial Sector of the Citadel's Presidium.

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