Saren Arterius

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Saren Arterius
Saren Arterius
RankRogue Spectre
Voice ActorFred Tatasciore
"Is submission not preferable to extinction?"

Saren is the main antagonist in Mass Effect. He was a Turian Spectre who turned against the Citadel Council and his fellow Spectres to align himself with the Reapers, in return he was given control over the Geth.

Saren's first appearance in Mass Effect comes on Eden Prime, he was searching for a Prothean Beacon before being interrupted by his fellow Turian Spectre Nihlus, when asked why he's on Eden Prime, Saren said the Council thought Nihlus could use a hand on the mission. Completely unaware of Saren's betrayal, Nihlus let his guard down and paid the price with a bullet in his back. By the time Commander Shepard and his crew arrived at the scene Nihlus was already dead and Saren was gone, the only witness to the murder was a dockworker named Powell who explained everything he heard to Shepard.

After destroying the Beacon on Eden Prime, Commander Shepard returned to the Citadel to accuse Saren of murdering Nihlus and betraying the Spectres. The Citadel Council claimed that the word of 1 traumatised dockworker was not enough evidence and ruled in favor of Saren. This led Commander Shepard to seek out further evidence against Saren, his investigation lead him to a female Quarian called Tali, after being saved from a group of assassins she gave Shepard an audio file she had retrieved from a Geth that proved Saren was behind the attack on Eden Prime. With this new evidence the Council reverted his Spectre status and put out a warrant for his arrest, Commander Shepard was promoted to a Spectre and given the task of finding Saren.

[edit] Background

Saren was born in 2139. Like most Turians, Saren joined the military at a young age of fifteen. After just one year of training, Saren was promoted to active service. In 2159, after only four years of being in active service, he was inducted into the Spectres. He is the youngest Turian to ever be an officer in the Spectres.

Saren was always known as a ruthless agent, but he always got the job done. When he first discovered the Reapers and Sovereign, he attempted to help the them and prove that the current races of the Galaxy were worth saving. His intentions were good, but the more time he spend aboard Sovereign the more his mind became indoctrinated by the energy field within the ship that could influence his mind. Saren was completely unaware that the Reapers were controlling him and still believed that what he was doing was for the good of the Galaxy. His status as a Spectre made him a powerful puppet for the Reapers. He was able to bring the Geth out of the Perseus Veil and into Citadel Space without detection to attack Eden Prime.

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