RankAsari Justicar
Voice ActorMaggie Baird
“Find peace in the embrace of the Goddess!”

Samara is one of the few remaining Asari Justicars, an order that follows a strict code of honor. She is a formidible opponent, being very skilled with the use of weapons. Despite her weapon proficiency, Samara prefers to use her biotic powers when in battle. Samara is on a personal quest that has required her to travel outside of Asari space, something which few Justicars are willing to do.


[edit] Background

Typical of many Asari, Samara's maiden phase of life was filled with various adventures and exciting moments. In her youthful days, Samara was a member of a band of Mercenaries, due to her prowess in battle. Her weaponry skills were well suited for the life of a Mercenary, a job which she kept for many years. However, her days as a Mercenary came to a bitter end quite swiftly. During a low-key transport mission, Samara discovered that the cargo was not weapons and machine, but slaves that the Mercenaries were intending to sell to the Collectors in exchange for technology. Not wanting to throw around innocent lives, Samara tried to turn the ship around. This lead to a conflict between Samara and her team, which forced in her to kill them. As the fight ended, the Collectors ship had arrived, and was quickly ascending upon Samara's position. Luckily, her ship was close enough to a Mass Relay, allowing her to escape. After avoiding the Collectors, Samara freed the salves. She gave them a speech on self-defense and weaponry, then passed around the credits, armor and guns of her former mercenary comrades, then brought them to the Citadel.

Samara left her career as a Mercenary to seek out an Asari mate and raise a family. She eventually found another Asari to meld with, and had three daughters. However, to Samara's horror, all three daughters were Ardat-Yakshi, Asari born with a genetic deficiency that results in the death of their mate during the melding process. Samara herself is a pureblood; a child born of two Asari parents. This is usually looked down upon by other Asari, as Asari believe that mating with other races gives great insight into that species. This has an evolving effect on the offspring, an so the Asari race itself. Mating with another Asari is seen as wasteful as 'nothing is gained.' Samara believes that the hatred towards the pureblooded Asari is because of an increased likelihood of the daughter being an Ardat-Yakshi.

[edit] Dossier


Two of Samara's daughters chose a life of isolation and comfort, enjoying peace and avoiding melding with others. However, Samara's third daughter, Morinth, refused to live such a life, and so fled. She then began a long spree of mass murder and violent acts. Samara believed Morinth to be the 'smartest and bravest' of her three daughters. In order to prevent her daughter from committing any more atrocities, Samara gave up her life and all of her possessions and became a Justicar, swearing an oath to honor her code.

For the next few centuries, Samara began to hunt for her daughter. On one occasion, Morinth had brainwashed an entire village into believing that she was a god. They began to worship her and even offered her young Asari as sacrifices. When Smara arrived, Morinth ordered the villagers to attack Samara, buying her enough time to escape with the Asari captives. On another occasion, Samara battled against the Spectre Nihlus Kryik, after witnessing him killing an unarmed civilian. The two fought for four days in the dense wilderness. Nihlus was quickly able to learn Samar's code and manipulate it to benefit himself. He forced Samara into a situation in which the only way to get to him was to allow an innocent civilian to die. Samara's code forbade her from sacrificing innocents, forcing her to allow Nihlus to escape. Despite having lost, Samara was impressed that Nihlus was able to adapt to the situation and use her code against her.

By 2185, Samara had tracked Morinth down to the Asari colony of Illium. Samara was able to gain a lead on Morinths whereabouts. It was revealed that Eclipse Mercenaries were aiding Morinth. Samara hunted down the Mercenaries, finding a Merc that knew of the ship that Morinth had left aboard. The Merc refused to answer, however, resulting in Samara killing her. Shepard found Smara in time to witness this event. Samara expressed interest in helping Shepard with his mission, but claimed that she had to return to the custody of Detective Anaya.

Samara asked for Shepard's helping in finding the name of the ship Morinth left on. She urged Shepard to hurry, as her code only permitted her to spend one day in custody, before forcing her to escape. Samara would likely have to kill many police officers in doing so. Detective Anaya's superiors refused to allow Samara to escape, puting her own life on the line. Shepard was able to uncover the ship's name, the AML Demeter. As a sign of thanks, Samara swore the Third Oath of Sublimation. This oath meant that she would follow Shepard orders completely and would fight the Collectors.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Powers

Class: Asari Justicar
Pull - Requires Level 2 Throw
Asari Justicar
Reave - Requires Loyalty

[edit] Asari Justicar

Rank 1 Health: +5.00%
Weapon Damage: +6.00%
Power Recharge Time: -6.00%
Rank 2 Health: +10.00%
Weapon Damage: +12.00%
Power Recharge Time: -12.00%
Rank 3 Health: +15.00%
Weapon Damage: +18.00%
Power Recharge Time: -18.00%
Rank 4 Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +18.00%
Power Recharge Time: -25.00%


Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +25.00%
Power Recharge Time: -18.00%

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