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[edit] Overview

The Normandy SR-2 was fully built and funded by the human Organization Cerberus as a replacement for the original SSV Normandy. It is close to twice the size of the original Normandy and even has a bigger Tantalus drive as opposed to the first. The main upgrades besides the new drive system and size of the ship include an instant communication system called the Quantum Entanglement Communicator(QEC) and an Artificial Intelligence (EDI) to run the secondary functions on the ship such as the combat functions. however the biggest improvement on the SR-2 is possibly its potential ability to be massively upgraded for future needs.

Normandy SR-2
Normandy SR-2 close-up

[edit] Main Crew

[edit] Floor Layouts

[edit] Deck 1

[edit] Captain's Cabin

This is the only room on this deck and features everything to make the captain of the ship feel comfortable. It is very much an ode to the fact that the SR-2 is in fact a commercially built ship rather than a military ship as Military ships are made is such a way that comfort space is kept to a minimum. There are a number of interactable objects as follows -

Fish Tank
This will be empty unless fishes are bought from the various shops that can be found on the Citadel, Omega or on Ilium. Once the fishes are bought, they have to be fed regularly or they will die.
Hamster Cage
More of a tank then a cage, a space hamster can be bought and placed inside this cage.
Private Terminal
all unread messages and archived messages as well as finished upgrades can be checked on this terminal. Once the Paramour rating has been achieved, this terminal can also be used to call up Shepard's love interest to the cabin.
This is where Casual Wear as well as Armour can be changed to fit the Captain's tastes.
Captain's cabin
Queen Sized Bed
Once again can only be used after Paramour rating is achieved.
Music can be changed to fit the captain's tastes.
Various models of ships can be collected or bought throughout the game and displayed here
Toilet and Bath
for obvious reasons.
Medal of Honor
All game achievements can be viewed here.

[edit] Deck 2

[edit] Combat Information Center (CIC)

This is where the galaxy map and the ship status screen are located. All movement of the ship is controlled by accessing the galaxy map here. In other words this is actually the bridge of the ship. there is also a private terminal for the captain as well for easier usage. And another useful addition is a personal assistant by the name of Kelly chambers.

[edit] Cockpit

The manual controls of the ship are located here and the Helmsman, Jeff 'Joker' Moreau is the one who controls the flying and movements of the Normandy. One very notable upgrade from the previous Normandy's cockpit design is that now the seats are made of real leather. and another major change is that this is where the Helmsman interacts with the AI to perform sub routines they would otherwise have to do themselves.

[edit] Armory

The weaponry for all personnel on the ship are located over here. The main person in charge of the Armory is the Cerberus Weapon's specialist and former Alliance Soldier Jacob Taylor. The Weapons locker through which weapons and combinations can be changed is also located in this room.

[edit] Tech Labs

This is where all mission centric research is done. All Upgrades and Research data can be reviewed and Implemented through the research terminal located in this lab as well. The personnel in charge of using and taking care of the place is the Salarian Scientist Mordin Solus.

[edit] Briefing/Comm room

All mission debriefs and communication with the Illusive Man can be done in this room. This is also where the QEC is located so that instantaneous communication can be made with the Illusive man wherever the ship may be in the galaxy.

[edit] Deck 3

[edit] Crew quarters

This is the main living quarters for the crew to sleep and interact normally. these are different from the cryo pods that are closer to the main battery that are used for deep sleep.

[edit] Life support

All the main life support modules that maintain the delicate balance of the ship's atmosphere and pressure are housed in this section. It is also a slightly dry place and has presented itself as an ideal location for the Drell crew member Thane Krios to stay in.

[edit] Starboard Observation Deck

The main purpose of this room is to give the crew some relaxation space so that they might unwind and not be too stressed, there is a large window panel that shows outer space to soothe tired eyes and since the Illusive man knew that Shepard may not be happy with any structural weakness, the window can be covered with an ablative plating at the push of a button. This room also happens to be the ideal place for either the Asari Justicar Samara or the Ardat Yakshi Morinth, whoever happens to be chosen as a team member. this mainly because they prefer having a view of space to help with their meditation.

[edit] Port Observation Deck

This place is more of the entertainment room of the ship. It houses a bar and a stimulation table and various other entertainment options. it has the same window view as the starboard observation deck and also happens to be the room that houses the master thief Kasumi Goto. However, this can only be accessed by DLC.

[edit] Medical Bay

The medical bay is pretty much the same as the previous Normandy except that it is slightly larger and brighter then previously. It is also housed next to the Server room and is run by the doctor on the previous Normandy, Dr Chakwas

[edit] AI Core

This is the server room of the ship and is also where the heart of EDI the ships Artificial Intelligence is housed. Once Legion joins the mission, he will be housed here as well and will be monitored closely by EDI.

[edit] Mess Hall

Mainly the Galley of the ship this place is run by Mess Sergeant Gardner and is where all the crew come to eat and mingle.

[edit] Operator room

This room is more like a private office and quarters for the ships operator Miranda Lawson.

[edit] Main Battery

The main guns of the ship are housed in this section and they are manned and calibrated by Garrus Vakarian.

[edit] Deck 4

[edit] Starboard Cargo Hold

This cargo hold is where most of the trash goes to. There is a trash compactor and a release valve to outer space located here. It is also where the surveillance footage of the entire ship can be seen. The Bounty hunter Zaeed Massani will take this place to be his quarters when the Zaeed DLC is played.

[edit] Port Cargo Hold

The Port cargo hold is where most of the extra supplies and ammo are kept. It is also where the cryo chamber of the Krogan named Grunt will be kept. Once he is released this is where he will stay.

[edit] Engineering Sub Deck

The engineering sub deck is where the plumbing and wiring for the engineering deck run through and is where maintenance for the drive core is done. Once Jack is rescued from Purgatory, she will stay here as she prefers being in an area with very few people or no people.

[edit] Engineering

This is where the main controls for the ship systems and the drive core are kept. All control and maintenance consoles are also kept here. Initially the place is taken care of by Engineers Donnelly and Daniels, However once Tali joins the Normandy, she will take charge of engineering just like how she did in the previous ship.

[edit] Drive core

The Tantalus drive core is the main force behind the speed and power of the Normandy SR-2. It is bigger and more efficient then the original drive core in the SSV Normandy

[edit] Offensive Capabilities

[edit] Default Armaments

[edit] Short Range - Cold Launch weapons

Disruptor Torpedoes
Powered Projectiles with warheads that trigger random mass effect fields that can rip ship armor to shreds
Javelin Disruptor torpedoes
These are basically a combination weapon of two Disruptor Torpedoes that are launched together towards the same target with programmed detonation timings to produce the most devastating resonance between the two disruptor torpedoes on the target. Usually have to be launched in batches to counter enemy guardian systems.

[edit] Upgrade Option

When speaking to Garrus he will suggest a weapon upgrade for an experimental cannon being developed by the Turians from the remains of Sovereign.

[edit] long Range weapon

Thanix cannon
The Thanix is actually a projectile based weapon that fires a liquid Iron-tungsten-Uranium Alloy at a fraction the speed of light and destroys targets because of the impact and heat produced. The destructive power generated far outstrips contemporary Mass accelerator based cannons that are found on cruisers and dreadnoughts and is small enough to be fitted on Frigates like the Normandy.

[edit] Defensive Capabilities

[edit] Default defences

Kinetic Barrier
This is the most basic shield defence on all ships against solid weapons or any collisions. It is simply a mass effect field and is easily overcome by lasers or energy based weapons.
Ablative Armor
This is the second level of defence which is more for lasers and energy based weaponry. These mainly consist of Many sheets of Ablative material covering the Scaffold around the Main Pressure Hull. When hit by an energy weapon or laser, the Ablative armor absorbs the energy and converts it into heat that will in turn boil away the layers of Ablative material keeping the the hull intact.
GARDIAN defence
General ARea Defence Integration Anti-spacecraft Network. this is made up of a whole bunch of anti-missle/ anti-fighter laser turrets that are on strategic points of the Ships hull. They work together to bring down incoming Disruptor torpedoes or Javelin torpedoes as well as clearing a path through debris fields safely. they fire high powered lasers with not much range and hence are only use as defensive counter measures, Unless the target is very close.

[edit] Upgrades

There are two major defensive upgrades that can be attained by talking to both Jacob and Tali. Jacob will recommend the Silaris Armor and Tali will recommend Cyclonic Barrier technology.

[edit] Armor Upgrade

Silaris Armor
This is a major upgrade for the normal Ablative Armor used. The special property of this Asari made Armor is that it is made of a Diamond chemical Vapor deposition and Carbon Nanotubes crushed to super dense levels with the use of Mass Effect fields. This material is able to withstand insanely high temperature weapons and can handle energy cannons from major starships with little problems. The only drawbacks being that the armor firstly has to be attached to the superstructure of the vessel subjecting the occupants to the aftershock of weapons fired on the ship and secondly it is so extremely expensive it does not make sense to install it on ships for normal wars.

[edit] Shield Upgrade

Cyclonic Barrier Technology (CBT)
Instead of using a normal Static Kinetic Barrier, the CBT uses a special technology to rotationally fire mass effect fields so that the the kinetic barriers oscillate around the ship instead of staying static. This allows the ship to slap away large energy based attacks intead of simply taking them head on like a normal kinetic barrier would.

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