Mass Effect Soldier


Soldiers are combat specialists ideal for the front lines of a firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all Weapon types, start with the ability to use Medium Armor, and can specialize in Heavy Armor.

Soldiers lack any kind of biotic or tech powers, and so must rely on squad mates who specialize in those areas.

The Soldier class talent increases their health, and grants a small amount of health regeneration.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Talents

Unlocks Marksman Ability
Shotguns - Requires Level 4 Pistols
Unlocks Carnage Ability
Assault Rifles
Unlocks Overkill Ability
Sniper Rifles - Requires Level 7 Assault Rifles
Unlocks Assassination Ability
Combat Armor
Unlocks Shield Boost Ability
First Aid - Requires Level 6 Combat Armor
Unlocks First Aid Ability
Assault Training
Unlocks Adrenaline Burst Ability
Fitness - Requires Level 5 Assault Training
Unlocks Immunity Ability

[edit] Class Talent

The Soldier class talent increases health and health regeneration. A Soldier may specialize into either a Commando or Shock Trooper. This gives the player access to levels 7-12.

Level 1 Health: +4.00%
Health Regeneration: +3.00%
Level 2 Health: +6.00%
Health Regeneration: +3.50%
Level 3 Health: +8.00%
Health Regeneration: +4.00%
Level 4 Health: +10.00%
Health Regeneration: +4.50%
Level 5 Health: +12.00%
Health Regeneration: +5.00%
Level 6 Health: +14.00%
Health Regeneration: +5.50%

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