Mass Effect Medic

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Medic is a specialization available to the Engineer and Sentinel classes.

Medics improve upon the First Aid and Medicine talents and dramatically increase the recharge rate of associated abilities.

[edit] Bonuses

  • Reduces recharge time on medical abilities
  • Neural Shock Specialization: Improves duration by 25% and toxic damage by 40%
  • First Aid Specialization: 80 extra healing points, ignores toxic damage and medi-gel can revive fallen team mates

[edit] Talent Level Bonuses

Level 7 Medical Recharge: -6.00%
Level 8 Medical Recharge: -9.00%
Level 9 Medical Recharge: -12.00%
Neural Shock Specialization
Level 10 Medical Recharge: -15.00%
Level 11 Medical Recharge: -18.00%
Level 12 Medical Recharge: -21.00%
First Aid Specialization

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