Mass Effect: Ascension

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Mass Effect: Ascension is the second novel based on the Mass Effect game series, it was released in July 2008. The book is set after the events of Mass Effect but has no ties to the story. It follows a former Systems Alliance scientist called Kahlee Sanders. She left the Alliance to focus on Ascension Project, a program that helps harness the extraordinary powers of gifted “biotic” children. Twelve-year-old Gillian Grayson is one of the most promising students in the project. However, she's also part of an experiment by an outlawed Human group known as Cerberus. When Cerberus' plans are exposed, Gillian's father removes her from the Ascension Project and goes on the run. Kahlee goes after them to make sure she is safe, however she is unaware that Gillian's father is working for Cerberus. Kahlee must now save Gillian from both Cerberus and her own father.

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