M35 Mako


The M35 Mako is an infantry vehicle that was designed by the Systems Alliance. The Mako is small enough to be carried in the cargo-bay of a ship and could be easily deployed on virtually any world or terrain. The vehicle features a fully automatic machine gun, a powerful mass accelerator canon, and propulsion jets; which allow the vehicle to jump and briefly hover in the air. The wheels have a strong grip that allows you travel up steep cliffs on any kind of surface. The Mako's armor will protect you from the hottest and coldest weather hazards and it's shields are able to take a lot of punishment, but once the shields are down it can take them a long time to recharge.

The Mako uses micro-thrusters and a small core of Element Zero to increase the mass and provide greater traction. This allows the Mako to land faster when dropped from the Normandy's cargo bay to avoid enemy radar. The Mako is an upgraded version of it's predecessor, the M29 Grizzly.

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