Voice ActorQuinton Flynn

Kolyat Krios was very young when he was adopted by his aunts and uncles. Thane, his father, wanted him to live a normal life.

During Thane's loyalty mission, two different outcomes may occur:

You succeeded in the mission, in which Thane, Kolyat and Shepard will be in Joram, the target's apartment. From there, you can talk Kolyat out of killing Joram, which will leave Thane and Kolyat to discuss personal matters. You can also Kill Joram yourself. Kolyat and Thane will discuss their matters no matter which choice.

Alternatavily, if you fail to update Thane of the location of Kolyat, Kolyat will kill Joram, following the footsteps of his father. This will fail the mission, lose the loyalty of Thane, impair the Suicide Mission and have some kind of impact in the next of the series.

[edit] Trivia

If you personally decide to kill Joram, Kolyat will say "Oh my Gods", revealing he followed his father's faith.

Kolyat was adopted by his aunts and uncles, revealing that either Thane or his wife had siblings.

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