Heavy Weapons

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Heavy Weapons in Mass Effect 2 are designed for use when the situation has become dire. They are excellent at all ranges and can handle almost any situation with extreme destructive power. Heavy Weapons cause major damage and are capable of killing multiple enemies with one hit. The line of Heavy Weapons ranges from Grenade Launchers and Cryo-Blasters to Nuke Launchers. Every class has access to Heavy Weapons.

No squad mates are capable of using Heavy Weapons.


[edit] Heavy Weapon Statistics

Here is a list of the Heavy Weapons in Mass Effect 2 and their base statistics:

Name Manufacturer Base Damage Damage Rate Bonuses Fire Mode Fire Rate Accuracy Recoil Power Cells
M-100 Grenade Launcher Elanus Risk Control Services 500 Unknown +25% vs Armour
+25 vs Shields
Semi-Automatic 100 RPM High Low 10
ML-77 Missile Launcher Armax Arsenal 350 Unknown +25% vs Armour
+25% vs Shields
Semi-Automatic 80 RPM High Low 15
M-622 Avalanche Unknown 50 42 +800% vs Armour
+800% vs Shields
Semi-Automatic 50 RPM High Low 20
M-920 Cain Unknown 10,000 Unknown None Single-Shot 4 Second Charge High Low 100%
Collector Particle Beam Collectors 20 400 +50% vs Armour
+50% vs Shields
Automatic 1200 RPM High None 500
M-451 Firestorm Unknown 15 250 +35% vs Armour
+15% vs Shields
Automatic 1000 RPM High None 1350
M-490 Blackstorm Projector Unknown 500 Unkown +200% vs Armour
+200% vs Shields
Single-Shot 3 Second Charge Unknown Unknown Unknown
Arc Projector Unknown 400 Unknown Unknown Single-Shot 2 Second Charge High None 10

[edit] Heavy Weapon Models

[edit] Heavy Weapon Upgrades

[edit] Heavy Weapon Ammo 1 - 6 (Microfusion Array)


Cost: 2,500-25,000 Iridium

In-Game Description: Provides +15% heavy weapon ammo capacity. The power cell technology used by heavy weapons is fairly old, but can be improved by rebuilding the core with more modern components. These improvements allow standard power cells to yield more shots per power cell and allow for more total shot to be fired.

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