Collector's Assault Rifle

Collector's Assault Rifle
Collector Assault Rifle.png
Base Damage17.4
Base Damage Per Second100
Damage Multipliersx1.25 (Armor)
x1.25 (Shields)
x1.25 (Barriers)
Range Multipliersx2.00 Point Blank
x1.25 Short
x1.00 Medium
x1.00 Long
Rounds Per Minute500
Clip Capacity28
Default Ammo Capacity280
Fire ModeFully Automatic

[edit] In-Game Description

The Collector's main weapon uses the same principles as a human assault rifle, but its organic components clearly set it apart. Its power source appears to be an internal organ with biotic capacitance; its ammunition resemble pellets of metallic enamel that strip shields off enemies with deadly efficiency.

[edit] Location

The Collector's Assault Rifle is a bonus weapon included in the Collector's Edition. Initially, on the Soldier class has access to the Collector's Assault Rifle. It is possible for other classes to use the Collector's Assault Rifle if they select the Assault Rifle Specialization during the Collector Cruiser mission.

[edit] Squad Member Usage

The following squad members may use the Collector's Assault Rifle:

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