Citadel: Expose Saren

Citadel: Expose Saren
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Given ByAmbassador Udina
ObjectiveProve Saren was behind the attack on Eden Prime.
Next MissionTherum: Find Liara T'Soni

Noveria: Geth Interest

Feros: Geth Attack

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[edit] Recovery

After being knocked unconscious by the Prothean Beacon on Eden Prime, you awake 15 hours later in Docter Chakwas' office on the Normandy. She tells you that you're physically unhurt but your brain wave were detecting rapid eye movements usually associated with intense dreaming. Depending on you gender, either Kaidan or Ashley will also be in the office. You can criticise them for putting your life in danger or thank them for carrying you back to the Normandy.

Captain Anderson will enter and ask to talk to you privately. You tell him about Saren killing Nihlus and the vision from the Prothean Beacon. You both agree that it needs to be brought to the attention of the Citadel Council even though you both think there's a lack of evidence. When you're finished with Anderson, head over to the cockpit and talk to Joker. This will start a cut-scene showing the SSV Normandy heading through a Mass Relay and coming out in front of the Citadel. The entire crew watch in amazement as the Normady passes the giant Asari dreadnought known as Destiny Ascension, then the Normandy docks at the Citadel and the camera cuts to the Human Embassy.

[edit] Arrive at the Citadel

Normandy arriving at the Citadel.
After a heated argument between Ambassador Udina and the Citadel Council, Udina turns his attentions to you and criticizes your actions on Eden Prime. He then tells you to meet him and Captain Anderson at the Citadel Tower so they can make their case against Saren. When he's finished talking head out of the Human Embassy and down the stairs towards the Embassy Lobby. hear you can talk to the V.I. called Avina to find out more about the Citadel and the Embassies. Behind Avina is a Rapid Transit Terminal, these allow you to fast travel around the Citadel. When you first access it, the Citadel Tower is the only place you can travel to so head there and meet Captain Anderson.

On your way to the Citadel Council you'll see a C-Sec agent called Garrus Vakarian arguing with his boss Executor Pallin. Garrus was working on the case against Saran, but has failed to find any concrete evidence against him which forces Pallin to make Garrus drop the case. Pallin leaves and Garrus talks to you, he says he couldn't find any evidence against Saren because his status as a Spectre means a lot of his files are private. He wishes you good luck in your case against Saren and leaves. Head up to Captain Anderson at the top of the tower to trigger a cut-scene. The trail against Saren is very short, the only evidence they have against him is a traumatized dock worker on Eden Prime and a vision which only Shepard can see. The Citadel Council ruled in favor of Saren and allowed him to keep his status as a Spectre.

[edit] Find evidence against Saren

After the trail, Udina will give you the task of finding more evidence against Saren. Anderson suggests talking to Garrus who was investigating the case against Saren. Anderson tells you to find Harkin in Chora's Den who might know where to find Garrus. He also mentions Barla Von who is a financial adviser for the Shadow Broker, he can be found in the Financial district of the Presidium and might know something about Saren's activities.

[edit] Harkin

If you choose to find Harkin, head down to Chora's Den in the Wards. When you arrive outside the club, two of Saren's assassins will be waiting for you, kill them both and enter the club. Before you reach Harkin, a cut-scene will trigger showing Urdnot Wrex telling the bouncer at the club that he will kill Fist - the owner of the club. When Wrex leaves, approach Hrkin and ask him if he knows where Garrus is. Harkin will ignore your question and insist on telling you about Captain Anderson's past. He mentions that Captain Anderson once worked along-side Saren and that he was the first Human Spectre, but he was quickly removed by the Council when a mission with Saren went horribly wrong. When Harkin is finished with his stories, he will tell you that Garrus headed up to the Med-Clinic after hearing that a Quarian was in there with evidence against Saren.

Head up to the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards to find Dr. Chloe Michel being held at gunpoint by Fist's men. They are warning her not to say anything to Garrus about the Quarian. However, Garrus is already hiding in the med clinic and Shepards arrival gives him the perfect distraction to kill the man holding Dr. Michel. Kill the three remaining henchmen then talk to Garrus and Dr. Michel. After thanking you for your help, Dr. Michel will tell you that the Quarian was being hunted by Saren's men and that she had come to the Citadel to give the evidence against Saren to the Shadow Broker in exchange for Protection. The Quarian found out that Fist works for the Shadow Broker so she went to see him to arrange a meeting. After Garrus agrees to join you team, he mentions that C-Sec are dealing with a Krogan named Wrex that might know more about Fist.

When you approach Wrex down at C-Sec, he's talking to the C-Sec officers. They're threatening to arrest him if he goes near Fist again, but they seem more scared of Wrex than he is of them. When Shepard approaches, Wrex simply ignores the C-Sec officers and walks over to you. Your Squad mates point out that Fist knows Wrex is coming and that they have a better chance of getting him if they work together. Wrex agrees to join you and is now a selectable squad mate.

[edit] Barla Von

If you choose to find Barla Von, head to the Financial District on the Presidium. Talk to Barla Von to find out that Fist had betrayed the Shadown Broker and was now working with Saren. He will also mention that the Shadow Broker hired a mercenary called Wrex to killed Fist and that he might have more information on him. Head down to C-Sec to get Wrex to join you, he will mention that a Quarian has evidence against Saren and that Garrus had gone up their to find her. When you enter the Med Clinic the story will play out the same way as it does if you take the Harkin route. Once the henchmen are dead and Garrus has joined your squad, head down to Chora's Den to confront Fist.

[edit] Fist and the Quarian

Tali meeting the Assassin in the Alley

When you arrive at Chora's Den, it's been closed down and Fist's men are waiting inside. Shoot down all the guard including a Krogan Bouncer then head through the next down to confront two warehouse workers. You can either kill them or convince them that they don't stand a chance against his squad and they will step aside and let you get Fist. In Fist's office there are two defence turrets, you must destroy both of these to get to Fist. When they've been destroyed confront Fist and he'll tell you that the Quarian believes the Shadow Broker will meet her in the alley of the Wards, but Fist has set her up and Saren's men are waiting for her. At this point you can kill Fist or let him live. If Wrex is in your squad he will automatically kill Fist after he exposes the location of the Quarian.

You now have four minutes to reach to alley before the Quarian dies. To make things harder, Chora's Den has been filled with more of Fist's guards. Kill all the guards and exit the club, then head through through the corridor to the left of the Rapid Transit terminal to find the Quarian. When you arrive she's talking to a Turian assassin, he wants her to hand over the evidence but she becomes suspicious of the set-up and refuses. The Turian signals for the Salarian Assassins to attack, the Quarian throws a proximity mine at the assassins and runs. At this point Shepard can enter the fight and kill the assassins, the Quarian will thank you and introduce herself as Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Shepard mentions the evidence against Saren and Tali agrees to give it to you for saving her life.

[edit] Expose Saren

Take Tali to Ambassador Udina's office where she will show you that hr evidence is a audio recording she removed from a Geth's memory core. It has Saren talking to a woman about about their success on Eden Prime and how the Beacon will bring them once step closer to the Conduit. The female voice mentions that it will also bring them once step closer to the return of the Reapers. After handing over the evidence, Tali agrees to join your squad and everyone heads over to the Citadel Tower to confront the Council.

Udina shows the evidence to the Council and they agree that Saren has gone rogue. They strip him of his Spectre status and put out an order for his arrest. The Asari councillor mention that the female voice is that of a powerful Asari Biotic called Matriarch Benezia. When Shepard mentions the Reapers, the Council completely dismiss it as a story made up by Saren to control the Geth. Ambassador Udina demands that the Council send a fleet after Saren, but they refuse stating that sending a Fleet into the traverse could cause a full scale war. Instead they agree to promote Commander Shepard as the first human Spectre and give him the mission of bringing down Saren.

[edit] Captain of the Normandy

The Normandy at the Docking Station
After the hearing, Ambassador Udina informs you that as a Spectre you will need your own ship and crew. He takes Captain Anderson with him to discuss the matter and tells you to meet him at the docking bay when you're ready. This is your chance to finish any assignments on the Citadel before heading into the galaxy, although you can come back to the Citadel at any time.

When you're ready, head up to the docking bay via the lift in C-Sec academy. Once there you'll meet Anderson and Udina. Anderson will inform you that he's stepping down as Captain of the SSV Normandy and giving full control to you. Shepard is angry at the decision believing that Anderson is being forced to step down, but he assures you that it's the best decision. Anderson will give you three leads to help you find Saren. Geth activity has been reported on the planets of Feros and Noveria for you to check out. Matriarch Benezia's daughter, Liara T'Soni has been spotted somewhere in the Artemis Tau Cluster, Anderson believes you should see if she knows anything about her mother and Saren.

From this point on, the whole Galaxy is open to you. You can choose to start the three main missions in any order to want. You can also travel to uncharted planets and start assignments instead.

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