Captain Kirrahe

Captain Kirrahe
Captain Kirrahe.png
Voice ActorGeorge Szilagyi
"Our influence will stop Saren; in the battle today, we will hold the line!"

Captain Kirrahe is a Salarian military officer of a special tasks group. Him and his team were sent to investigate Saren's base of operations on Virmire. Kirrahe took three teams of Salarian soldiers and either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko (your choice) and headed to the Krogan breeding facility. His plan was to draw out the Geth so that Commander Shepard and his squad could plant a bomb in the facility.

Kirrahe knew that many of his men would die and he gives an inspiring speech before the attack to rally his troops. You have the chance to save Kirrahe and whoever you chose to go with him (Ashley or Kaiden), but to do this you must sacrifice the squad mate that you didn't send. If he survives, he can be found in the engineering room of the Normandy after the Virmire mission. He will thank you for saving his life and says he will leave the Normandy on it's next stop and make his own way home.

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