Artemis Tau

Artemis Tau
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Artemis Tau is a Cluster found in the bottom right of the Milky Way. The mission; Therum: Find Liara T'Soni takes place in the Knossos system on Therum. There's also seven assignments to complete within the cluster.

The Artemis Tau is named after the Greek huntress Artemis who was the goddess of forests and hills. The four systems are named after cities and kingdoms that were famous in ancient Greece and Crete.

[edit] Systems and Planets

Systems Planets
Athens Salamis / Proteus / Nausicaa / Circe / Pharos
Knossos Phaistos / Therum / Zakros / Armeni / Archanes
Macedon Sharjila / Porolan / Patavig / Fargeluse
Sparta Tremanre / Edolus / Altaaya / Ontamalca / Alsages

[edit] Missions

[edit] Assignments

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