Armstrong Nebula

Armstrong Nebula
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The Armstrong Nebula is a Cluster found in the far right of the Milky Way. No missions take place within the Cluster, but there is 6 Assignments to complete.

The Cluster is named after Neil Armstrong who was the first human to ever walk on the moon. All five systems within the Cluster are named after landmarks human space.

[edit] Systems and Planets

Systems Planets
Gagarin Junthor / Pressha / Rayingri / Sogelrus / Antirumgon
Grissom Benda / Zaherux / Notanban / Solcrum
Hong Pomal / Casbin / Matar / Theshaca / Treagir
Tereshkova Antibaar / Patamalrus / Hunsalra / Thegeuse / Solmarlon / Mawinor
Vamshi Maji / Pregel / Almos

[edit] Assignments

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