Urdnot Wrex

Urdnot Wrex
C-Sec confronting Wrex.
RankBattle Master
SSV Normandy
Voice ActorSteve Barr
"Well, there was this one time the Turians tried to wipe out our entire race. That was fun."

Urdnot Wrex is Krogan Mercenary and a squad mate of Commander Shepard aboard the SSV Normandy. He is one of the last remaining Krogan Battlemasters in the Galaxy. Wrex can be found upon your first visit to the Citadel. While trying to find Garrus Vakarian, Commander Shepard will have to talk to Harkness in Chora's Den. Here you'll find Wrex confronting one of Fist's bodyguards, he will eventually back down and leave, but not before he tells the bodyguard that he will kill Fist.

Wrex was hired by the Shadow Broker to assassinate Fist because he betrayed him and joined Saren. Shepard also needs to confront Fist to find information on Saren. They agree to team up to get past Fist's bodyguards. Once they confront Fist, he tells Shepard that a Quarian has proof that Saren has gone rogue then Wrex kills Fist. Wrex will then agree to join your team on the Normandy because he believes he'll see a lot of action.

Alternativly, if you decide to take on Fist without asking for Wrex's help, he can found in C-Sec, arguing with one of the officers. You can still convince him to join you as he will respect Shepard for killing Fist.

[edit] Background

Even at a young age, Wrex was considered one of the best fighters in his tribe. He became the youngest Krogan tribe leader in a thousand years. Wrex's father, Jarrod was one of the few Krogan Warlords to survive the Krogan Rebellion, which ended when the Turians infected the Krogen with a genetic mutation that killed many Krogan babies before birth. This quickly dwindled the Krogan's population and forced them out of the War. Jarrod wanted to continue fighting but Wrex disagreed. Wrex believed that fighting would only result in the Krogan race becoming extinct even faster. Jarrod wanted to settle this the only way the Krogan know how, in a fight. Jarrod arranged for a meeting with Wrex to settle the issue, but instead, he lay a trap with his tribe to ambush Wrex. This ambush resulted in the death of Wrex's entire tribe. Wrex managed to escape, but not before killing his father with his knife.

After his father's death, Wrex left his home planet and travelled the Galaxy as a Mercenary, a bodyguard or any other job that payed. He also worked for Saren briefly as part of a Mercenary team to raid a cargo ship. However, there was something about Saren that Wrex didn't trust and he left the mission without being payed. He later found out that every Mercenary on board the cargo was found dead. It was only after meeting Commander Shepard that Wrex found out how dangerous Saren really was.

[edit] Other Background and Interactions

Like many other characters in Mass Effect, Wrex has a checkered past and has many deep seated issues. Some of these issues stem from the plight of his race, with the genophage threatening the extinction of his people. Others from the betrayal of his father. Because of this unique perspective, Wrex says some of the most frank yet interesting things throughout the game ("Anything not constantly challenged grows weak").

Although Wrex is ruthless and enjoys battle, he has a deep respect for those who have the wits and skills to survive the more violent elements of society. He tells of one adventure where he was hired to hunt down and kill a fellow Merc, a female whom he had known for man years. Instead of refusing the contract, he took the job and informed the Merc of his job. They had a good laugh over it, after which he offered her the choice of battlegrounds. This hunt lasted for days, and he thought he had killed her when the ship they were on exploded, with him barely escaping with his life. When he later found out she was still alive, he was bemused rather than angry, and decided anyone who could survive such a deadly encounter deserved to live.

This respect is one reason why Wrex and Shephard can get along, although the two may not share the same values.

There is a critical plot moment later in the game when Shephard's squad encounters a potential cure for the Genophage. The cure is made by a Krogan under Saren's command, and Shephard's mission includes destroying this cure. Wrex is furious and potential disaster brews.

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