Sub-machine Guns

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Sub-machine Guns in Mass Effect 2 are designed for situations where suppressive firepower is needed, at the expense of accuracy. They are good for short-medium range combat and are deadly against Shields and Barriers. There are only two variants of Sub-machine Guns; a machine pistol and a compact SMG. All classes except for the Soldier have access to Sub-machine Guns.

The following squad mates can use Sub-machine Guns:


[edit] Sub-machine Gun Variations

[edit] M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol

X4d Shuriken.png
  • Default Sub-machine Gun
  • Burst Fire Sub-machine Gun
  • Manufactured by Elkoss Combine
    • Damage (Per Second) Health: 135
    • Damage (Per Second) Armor: 135
    • Damage (Per Second) Barrier: 203
    • Damage (Per Second) Shields: 203
    • Default Ammo: 24/240

[edit] M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun

X9d Tempest.png
  • Common Eclipse Mercenary Weapon
  • Automatic Sub-machine Gun
  • Manufactured by Elanus Risk Control Services
  • Found during Tali's Recruitment Mission
    • Damage (Per Second) Health: 148
    • Damage (Per Second) Armor: 148
    • Damage (Per Second) Barrier: 221
    • Damage (Per Second) Shields: 221
    • Default Ammo: 50/450

[edit] M-12 Locust Submachine Gun

M12 Locust.png
  • Automatic Sub-machine Gun
  • Manufactured by Kassa Fabrication
  • Found during Kasumi's Loyalty Mission
    • Damage (Per Second) Health: 136
    • Damage (Per Second) Armor: 170
    • Damage (Per Second) Barrier: 170
    • Damage (Per Second) Shields: 170
    • Default Ammo: 20/250

[edit] Weapon Upgrades

[edit] SMG Shield Piercing (Phasic Jacketing)

SMG Shield Piercing.png

Cost: 15,000 Iridium

In-Game Description: Provides +50% SMG damage against shields and biotic barriers. Upgrades SMGs for your entire squad. A module in the mass effect field generator creates a phasic envenlope around each slug before it is fired at a target. This disrupts any mass effect field protecting the target, resulting in superior penetration.

  • Changes the letter designation of the weapon from "M" to "S".

[edit] SMG Extra Rounds (Heat Sink Capacity)

SMG Extra Rounds.png

Cost: 25,000 Platinum

In-Game Description: Adds +50% more SMG rounds. Improves SMGs for your entire squad. More efficient heat-sink materials improve the absorption and dissipation heat. Allows for smaller, easier-to-carry heat sinks.

  • Changes the letter designation of the weapon from "S" to "X".

[edit] Submachine Gun Damage 1-5 (Microfield Pulsar)

Submachine Gun Damage.png

Cost: 2,500/5,000/7,500 Platinum

In-Game Description: Squad bonus +10% submachine gun damage. Upgrades the submachine guns of your entire squad. This upgrade improves a weapon's mass effect field generator, increasing the velocity of each slug fired.

  • Adds a letter designation to the weapon "a-e".
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