Voice ActorGwendoline Yeo

Sha'ira is an Asari who works in the Consort Chambers on the Citadel. She can accommodate her clients in unique ways, some want to be entertained, other want conversation. However, Sha'ira's main specialty is her advice which has a much deeper meaning than most people first realise. Sha'ira's reputation has gained her a lot of rich, famous and powerful clients, many of the normal clients will have to book a session months in advance in order to see her.

During Mass Effect, Sha'ira will ask for your help in stopping one of her clients from spreading lies about her. Speak to the Turian General, Septimus, in Chora's Den and convince him to apologize to Sha'ira. Once he's apologized, return to Sha'ira to be rewarded with a gift of words. If this isn't enough, you can also request her "entertainment"

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