Nihlus Kryik

Nihlus Kryik
Nihlus Phantom Armor.png
LocationSSV Normandy
Voice ActorAlastair Duncan

Nihlus Kryik was one of the most accomplished Turian Spectres in the Galaxy. The Citadel Council asked him join Captain Anderson aboard the Normandy for their shakedown mission to recover a Prothean Beacon on Eden Prime. Everyone was suspicious of Nihlus because Spectres are never sent on simple shakedown missions. The real reason Nihlus was there was to assess Commander Shepard as a prospect for the Spectres.

The mission became far more than a shakedown when an emergency transmission came in from a ground team on Eden Prime. The transmission showed an enemy force invading the planet. Commander Shepard led a team down to Eden Prime to investigate. Nihlus also went down, but he scouted ahead by himself because he works alone. While on Eden Prime, Nihlus ran into Saren Arterius - a fellow Spectre and his former teacher. Saren told Nihlus that the council had sent him down to Eden Prime to assess the situation. Unaware that Saren had betrayed the council, Nihlus let his guard down while talking to Saren and payed the price with a bullet in the back.

[edit] History

Nihlus joined the Turian military when he was 16, after his father died. He was always top of his class in training and his skills were superior to everyone. His problem was his attitude. He often disobeyed his officer's commands and went with his own instincts, which were usually right. He once saved his entire squad by routing an enemy ambush, but he was still criticized by his commanding officers for being reckless.

After being reassigned to a new squad, Nihlus met a young Turian spectre called Saren Arterius. Saren was impressed with Nihlus' fighting skills and the two became good friends. Saren offered to mentor him and within a year Nihlus was offered a place among the Spectres.

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