Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson
RankCerberus Operative
Voice ActorYvonne Strahovski
“I'm genetically enhanced. My skills, intellect, even my looks. All designed to give me an edge.”

Miranda Lawson is a genetically engineered Cerberus Operative. She is well connected throughout the galaxy, having a number of different contacts, through both Citadel space and the Terminus systems and beyond. Miranda's array of contacts can be explained through her connections within the Cerberus network. Her list of contacts extends even throughout the Alliance military.


[edit] Background

Miranda's previous mission involved a Batarian plot to assassinate a Batarian politician Ambassador Jath'Amon. She makes contact with Jacob Taylor after a referral from his previous Alliance commanding officer, Derek Izunami. Derek asks Jacob to meet with Miranda on the Carrtagena Station, in the Nemean Abyss. Specifically, Jacob is sent to meet her in a bar called "The Fringe". Upon Jacob's arrival, he is attacked by a group of pirates led by Clint "Black Eye" Darragh. Miranda watches from a distance as Jacob deals with the pirates. When she reveals herself to Jacob, she quips that she expected someone taller.

Miranda explains that her and Jacob are to expose a Batarian plot to assassinate a Citadel politician, Batarian Ambassador Jath'Amon. The assassination is to take place during peace talks between the Batarian government and the Citadel Council. Miranda gives Jacob a list of three sources which may have be related to the Batarian plot. The first, Illo Nazario, a Turian arms dealer on the planet Tortuga. The second, an Orbital Platform, the Ahn'Kedar, where the Batarians have reportedly kidnapped several leading scientists. The final source, the planet Bekke, where an army of Batarian extremists is supposedly gathering.

Miranda introduces her contact Ish to Jacob on Tortuga. Ish provides Jacob with the codes for Illo's compound. Jacob and Miranda find Illo, after he has been exposed to a deadly bio-weapon. They agree to find a cure for Illo in exchange for the information he has on the Batarains. On Ahn'Kedar, Jacob rescues the captive scientists and learns a large quantity of element zero is required to create a cure.

When the duo investigate the planet Bekke, their ship comes under heavy fire. Miranda reports that there are strange readings emitting from the surface. Jacob fights his way through the base, discovering a large supply of element zero. Miranda collects both Jacob and the element zero. Back onboard the ship, Miranda and Jacob interrogate Illo, promising him the cure in exchange for his knowledge. He reveals that Ambassador Jath'Amon is actually the leader of the Batarian extremists. Jath'Amon plans to release the bio-weapon on the Citadel Council. The two then travel to the Citadel where they find that the Batarians have infiltrated C-Sec. Jacob is able attack the Batarians and subdue Jath'Amon. Thanks to Miranda and Jacob, the Citadel Council were saved. Following the Batarian plot, Miranda accompanies Jacob to the Arcturian Jade with a bottle of celebratory champagne.

[edit] Dossier


Following the destruction of the Normandy and the recovery of Commander Shepard's corpse, the Illusive Man places Miranda in command of the Lazarus Cell and makes her the lead of the Lazarus Project. Miranda stays in this position for the next two years, overseeing the work on restoring Shepard. When Shepard awakens prematurely, he first sees Miranda gazing upon him, before being given more sedatives. When the research station is attacked, Miranda wakens Shepard over the intercom, giving him the location of his armor and tells him to head for the shuttle. Shepard, Miranda and Jacob then leave the station. Before boarding the shuttle, Miranda kills Wilson, a Cerberus Scientist turned traitor. Miranda then takes Shepard to meet with the Illusive Man.

Miranda, along with Jacob join Shepard's squad during the mission to Freedom's Progress. She serve's as Shepard's second-in-commander during their time aboard the Normandy. She also serves as the Illusive Man's agent, providing him with information on their current progress. EDI tells Shepard that Miranda has moved the entire Lazarus Cell aboard the Normandy.

Miranda is initially skeptical of the Illusive Mans faith in Shepard. She reveals that she wanted to implant a control chip into Shepard in the event that he takes actions against Cerberus. The Illusive Man refused to allow Miranda to tamper with Shepard at any cost. Eventually she tells Shepard that the Illusive Man's faith was not misplaced.

Shepard can learn through conversation that Miranda was genetically engineered. She reveals that she never had a mother, only a father who manipulated his genes to to create the perfect human specimen. All of Miranda's qualities, from her intelligence, biotics and appearance have been genetically created for excellence. Miranda heals at a faster rate than all other humans and has a longer lifespan.

Despite her genetic manipulation, Miranda lived a life far from perfect. In spite of her abilities, Miranda's father never showed any sign of pride or appreciation for his daughter. No matter how hard she tried, her father always expected more. Her father's dictatorship forbade her from having friends or forming a social life. Miranda claims that her father never wanted a daughter, only a dynasty. She claims this is the reason why only her father's genes were used in her creation. The neglect Miranda suffered forced her to abandon her life and depart from her father. She was constantly being hunted by her father's contacts, but was always able to avoid detection.

Miranda in Black.png

Eventually Miranda sought out Cerberus, joining them for protection from her father. She knew that her father was a sympathizer of pro-human development. He was a major investor in projects to further develop the human species. Miranda knew that her father would never cross an organization with as much power as Cerberus. Despite her own upbringing, she agrees with Cerberus' aim to advance humanity. Miranda reveals that she revels in the opportunity to mingle with people of her own intellect. She also enjoys with the leverage she is given in her work; she is given an objective, the resources required and allowed to work at her leisure. Miranda is one of the few humans considered advanced enough by the Illusive Man to gain audience with him. He appreciates her abilities and allows her to report directly to him.

Although genetically engineered, Miranda is still maintains some of the insecurities that forced her from her home. Despite her success and emirate career, Miranda feels that due to her genetic modifications, she hasn't truly earned her accomplishments. She believes herself to be living under her fathers shadow, and that her failures are the only thing which she can claim to be truly hers. She admits that she is jealous of Shepard, claiming that Shepard was great before he was rebuilt, and that she is only great because of it.

During the suicide mission, Miranda is an excellent choice for the role of Squad Leader, given her history with Cerberus. If Miranda is present during the fight with the Human-Reaper, and if Shepard opts for destroying the Collector Base, the Illusive Man will order her to stop Shepard. Instead, she will refuse and claim that she is resigning from Cerberus. She will then disconnect the Illusive Man.

[edit] Romance

After gaining Miranda's Loyalty, it is possible for Shepard to romance her. She says that she wants to "admire Shepard's body". Shepard can return these feelings, starting a relationship between the two. Miranda doesn't want to rush ahead, but claims to be intrigued. During the confrontation between Miranda and Jack, Shepard must either side with Miranda or convince both to work together with a high enough Paragon/Renegade score. If the relationship continues, Miranda will pass Shepard leaving an elevator and tell him to meet her in the engine room in five minutes. This will result in the romance scene occurring.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Powers

Class: Cerberus Officer
Warp - Requires Level 2 Overload
Cerberus Officer
Slam - Requires Loyalty

[edit] Cerberus Officer

Rank 1 Health: +5.00%
Weapon Damage: +6.00%
Squad Health: +2.50%
Squad Weapon Damage: +7.50%
Rank 2 Health: +10.00%
Weapon Damage: +12.00%
Squad Health: +5.00%
Squad Weapon Damage: +7.50%
Rank 3 Health: +15.00%
Weapon Damage: +15.00%
Squad Health: +7.50%
Squad Weapon Damage: +7.50%
Rank 4 Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +25.00%
Squad Health: +7.50%
Squad Weapon Damage: +15.00%


Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +25.00%
Squad Health: +15.00%
Squad Weapon Damage: +7.50%

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