Matriarch Benezia

Matriarch Benezia
Voice ActorMarina Sirtis
"No light? They always said there would be a light..."

Matriarch Benezia was a powerful Asari Biotic. She was very well respected by her people and even had cult of followers. Being a Matriarch means Benezia must have lived for nearly 1000 years. Benezia and Saren had worked together in the past as investors in Binary Helix. When she discovered Saren's plan to join the Reapers she joined him aboard the Reaper ship Sovereign to try and lead him down a less destructive path. However, Benezia underestimated the power of Sovereign and she too became indoctrinated by the ships power. She became a slave to Saren as did all the Asari guards and commandos that followed her.

Benezia is the mother of Liara T'Soni. Benezia mated with another Asari, making Liara a 'pureblood'. This is looked down upon by many Asari who believe they gain nothing from mating with each other. Benezia never spoke to Liara about her father, she believes this is because Benezia is ashamed of her. Benezia also believed Liara was different from many Asari because of her pureblood status. While many Asari are forward thinkers, Liara prefers to dig into the Galaxy's past and study the Protheans.

Benezia was funding a secret project on Noveria. She was using Benary Helix to breed multiple Rachni from a cryogenic Rachni egg discovered on an abandoned ship. She was breeding them to be apart of Sarens army, but when Benary Helix removed the Brood from the Rachni Queen's presence, the Rachni went crazy and attacked anything in sight. Benezia went to Peak 15 on Noveria to investigate the problem and to gain information from the Rachni Queen. Saren had given her the task of finding the location of the Mu Relay which was lost around 4000 years ago. Rachni Queens have a genetic memory which is past down from every Queen. The Rachni were the last species to see the Mu Relay, so Benezia brutally extracted memories from the Rachni Queen to discover the Relay location. Shortly after Benezia was tracked down by Commander Shepard and his team. After defeating her Asari and Geth guards, Benezia manages to fight off the indoctrination long enough to tell Shepard of Saren's plan and the location of the Mu Relay. She will then be overpowered by the indoctrination and killed while trying to attack you.

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