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Engineers are tech specialists. Using the holographic omni-tool, they can decrypt security systems, repair or modify technical equipment, disrupt enemy weapons or shields, and heal their squad. Engineers can only use Light Armor, and can only receive weapons training with Pistols.

Engineers have access to all tech powers, but lack any real firepower. They rely on squad mates to handle situations where supreme firepower is necessary.

The Engineer class talent reduces recharge time for tech talents and increases tech protection.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Talents

Unlocks Marksman Ability
Basic Armor - Requires Level 6 Pistols
Unlocks Shield Boost Ability
Unlocks Sabotage Ability
Hacking - Requires Level 7 Decryption
Unlocks AI Hacking Ability
Unlocks Overload Ability
Damping - Requires Level 4 Electronics
Unlocks Damping Ability
First Aid
Unlocks First Aid Ability
Medicine - Requires Level 5 First Aid
Unlocks Neural Shock Ability

[edit] Class Talent

The Engineer class talent increases biotic protection and decreases biotic power cooldown. An Engineer may specialize into either a Medic or Operative. This gives the player access to levels 7-12.

Level 1 Tech Cooldown: -4.00%
Tech Protection: +6.00%
Level 2 Tech Cooldown: -6.00%
Tech Protection: +9.00%
Level 3 Tech Cooldown: -8.00%
Tech Protection: +12.00%
Level 4 Tech Cooldown: -10.00%
Tech Protection: +15.00%
Level 5 Tech Cooldown: -12.00%
Tech Protection: +18.00%
Level 6 Tech Cooldown: -14.00%
Tech Protection +21.00%

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