Mass Effect 2 Shotguns


Shotguns in Mass Effect 2 are designed for close range situations where maximum firepower is needed. Shotguns fire eight projectiles every shot. They are excellent for short range combat and can quickly put an end to tough opponents. The line of Shotguns ranges from Assault Shotguns to powerful one-shot heavy hitters.

Initially, only the Soldier and Vanguard classes can use a Shotgun.

The following squad mates can use Shotguns:


[edit] Shotguns Statistics

Here is a list of the Shotguns in Mass Effect 2 and their base statistics:

Name Manufacturer Pellet Damage Total Damage DPS Bonuses Fire Mode Fire Rate Accuracy Recoil Ammo
M-23 Katana Ariake Technologies 27.5 220 85 +50% vs Shields
+50% vs Barriers
Semi-Automatic 58 RPM Low Moderate 5/10
M-27 Scimitar Ariake Technologies 20.3 162.7 103 +50% vs Shields
+50% vs Barriers
Semi-Automatic 100 RPM Low Moderate 8/16
M-300 Claymore Unknown 50.1 400.8 164 +25% vs Armour
+25% vs Shields
+25% vs Barriers
Single-Shot Low Low High 1/10
M-22 Eviscerator Unknown 36.8 294.4 168 +25% vs Armour
+25% vs Shields
+25% vs Barriers
Semi-Automatic 48 RPM Low Moderate 3/12

[edit] Shotguns Models

[edit] Shotgun Upgrades

[edit] Shotgun Shield Piercing (Microphasic Pulse)

Shotgun Shield Piercing.png

Cost: 15,000 Platinum

In-Game Description: Increases damage by 50% against shields and biotic barriers. Improves shotguns, heavy shotguns and assault shotguns for your entire squad. With the addition of a phasic module to the mass effect field generator, each slug is encased in a phasic envelope before it is fired at a target. This disrupts any mass effect field protecting the target, resulting in superior penetration.

  • Changes the letter designation of the weapon from "M" to "S".

[edit] Shotgun Extra Rounds (Thermal Sink)

Shotgun Extra Rounds.png

Cost: 25,000 Platinum

In-Game Description: Shotguns, heavy shotguns and assault shotguns double their rounds. This bonus affects the entire squad. More efficient heat-sink materials improve the absorption an dissipation of heat. Allows for smaller, easier-to-carry heat sinks.

  • Changes the letter designation of the weapon from "S" to "X".

[edit] Shotgun Damage 1-5 (Synchronized Pulsar)

Shotgun Damage.png

Cost: 2,500/5,000/7,500 Platinum

In-Game Description: Provides +10% shotgun damage. Improves shotguns, heavy shotguns, and assault shotguns. This upgrade improves the weapon's mass effect field generator, increasing the mass and acceleration of each round fired.

  • Adds a letter designation to the weapon "a-e".

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