Mass Effect 2 Sentinel


Sentinels are equipped with the most advanced ablation armor system to keep themselves safe. If overloaded, the system will stun all enemies within a short distance.

Sentinels are unique, bringing both tech and biotic abilities to the battlefield. While they lack the focus of adepts and engineers, they are versatile and can handle any situation.


[edit] Combat

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Powers

Class: Sentinel
Warp - Requires Level 2 Warp
Tech Armor
Overload - Requires Level 2 Tech Armor
Cryo Blast Updated.png
Cryo Blast - Requires Level 2 Overload

[edit] Defender

Rank 1 Health: +5.00%
Power Recharge Time: -5.00%
Paragon/Renegade: +20.00%
Rank 2 Health: +10.00%
Power Recharge Time: -10.00%
Paragon/Renegade: +40.00%
Rank 3 Health: +15.00%
Power Recharge Time: -15.00%
Paragon/Renegade: +70.00%

[edit] Specializations

After progressing to Rank 4 of the Defender power, the player is given access to either the Guardian or Raider specialization.

[edit] Guardian

  • You excel under stress, reducing your recharge time as far as it will go, and your forceful personality takes your Paragon/Renegade scores to the maximum level.
    • Health: +20.00%
    • Power Recharge Time: -30.00%
    • Paragon/Renegade: +100.00%

[edit] Raider

  • You specialize in using your engineering and biotics as weapons, reducing recharge time a small amount further and giving a bonus to your powers' damage.
    • Health: +15.00%
    • Power Recharge Time: -20.00%
    • Paragon/Renegade: +70.00%
    • Power Damage: +15.00%

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