M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun

M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun
X9d Tempest.png
Base Damage14
Base Damage Per Second148
Damage Multipliersx1.00 (Armor)
x1.50 (Shields)
x1.50 (Barriers)
Range Multipliersx2.00 Point Blank
x1.25 Short
x1.00 Medium
x1.00 Long
Rounds Per Minute925
Clip Capacity50
Default Ammo Capacity450
Fire ModeFully Automatic

[edit] In-Game Description

This submachine gun fires in long deadly bursts. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. Inaccurate at long range. Weak against armor. Upgrades the Shuriken Machine Pistol. The commonality of kinetic barriers has led to increased demand for rapid-fire weapons like the Tempest. Produced by Elanus Risk Control Services for the Eclipse mercenary band, the Tempest is an expensive but deadly addition to anyone’s personal arsenal.

[edit] Location

The M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun is acquired during the mission to recruit Tali. The gun is lying beside a radio. Mae sure to pick up the weapon before the radio, so as to make sure you do not miss it. Every class with the exception of the Soldier can use the Tempest.

[edit] Squad Member Usage

The following squad members may use the M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun:

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