M-920 Cain

M-920 Cain
Base Damage10,000
Base Damage Per Second5,000
Damage Multipliersx1.00 (Armor)
x1.00 (Shields)
x1.00 (Barriers)
Range MultipliersN/a
Rounds Per Minute4 Second Charge
Clip CapacityN/a
Default Ammo Capacity100%
Fire ModeSingle Shot

[edit] In-Game Description

The effectiveness and efficiency of mass effect-based weapon technology has rendered large-scale deployment of highly explosive infantry weapons all but obsolete. Normandy's scientists have prototyped a modified version of traditional high-explosive rounds that is applied to a 25g slug. When accelerated to 5 km/s, the round is devastating. Though a technically inaccurate label, this prototype weapon is nicknamed the "Nuke Launcher", and its high-explosive matrix generates an archetypical mushroom cloud on impact. It inflicts high damage with large area of effect. Very effective against armor, shields, and barriers.

[edit] Location

Unlocked at the Normandy Research Station after four Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrades have been researched. The Cain costs 25,000 Iridium.

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