M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol

M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol
X4d Shuriken.png
Base Damage20.5
Base Damage Per Second89
Damage Multipliersx1.00 (Armor)
x1.50 (Shields)
x1.50 (Barriers)
Range Multipliersx2.00 Point Blank
x1.25 Short
x1.00 Medium
x1.00 Long
Rounds Per Minute700
Clip Capacity24
Default Ammo Capacity240
Fire Mode3 Round Burst

[edit] In-Game Description

A common but effective submachine gun. Fire three-round bursts, and can be pulsed for a higher rate of fire at the expense of accuracy. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. As kinetic barriers have grown in popularity, so has the popularity of submachine guns. Manufactured by the Elkoss Combine, the Shuriken machine pistol has a reputation for being deadly and easy to use, but is weak against armor.

[edit] Location

The M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol is acquired during the mission to Freedom's Progress. It is the default Sub-machine Gun that the player has access to. Every class with the exception of the Soldier can use the Shuriken.

[edit] Squad Member Usage

The following squad members may use the M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol:

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