M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun

M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun
Base Damage229.4 (36.8 Per Shell)
Base Damage Per Second168
Damage Multipliersx1.25 (Armor)
x1.25 (Shields)
x1.25 (Barriers)
Range Multipliersx2.00 Point Blank
x1.25 Short
x1.00 Medium
x1.00 Long
Rounds Per Minute58
Clip Capacity3
Default Ammo Capacity12
Fire ModeFully Automatic

[edit] In-Game Description

The Lieberschaft 2180 shotgun, or "Eviscerator," is of human civilian design and has a unique ammunition generator. Where most modern firearms shave off chips or pellets from an ammunition block, the M-22 shaves off serrated metal edges designed to fly aerodynamically. This dramatically improves its armor-piercing capabilities, and its tight grouping helps wound ballistics at longer ranges than standard shotguns. This design also violates several intergalactic weapons treaties, so the M-22a is not distributed to militaries.

[edit] Location

The M-22 Eviscerator is a bonus weapon that the player can download from the Cerberus Network. Initially only the Soldier and Vanguard classes are the able to use Shotguns. During the mission to the Collector Cruiser, all other classes are given the opportunity to specialize in using Shotguns.

[edit] Squad Member Usage

The following squad members may use the M-23 Shotgun:

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