M-100 Grenade Launcher

M-100 Grenade Launcher
Base Damage500
Base Damage Per Second313
Damage Multipliersx1.25 (Armor)
x1.25 (Shields)
x1.25 (Barriers)
Range Multipliersx2.00 Point Blank
x1.25 Short
x1.00 Medium
x1.00 Long
Rounds Per Minute125
Clip CapacityN/a
Default Ammo Capacity10
Fire ModeSemi-Automatic

[edit] In-Game Description

Rapid-fire grenade launcher favored by the Blood Pack vorcha mercenaries. Capable of taking down multiple enemies with a single well-placed shot. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers.

[edit] Location

The M-100 Grenade Launcher is the default Heavy Weapon. The player acquires it after awakening from the Lazarus Project. All classes have access to Heavy Weapons.

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