Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor
RankCerberus Operative
Voice ActorAdam Lazarre-White
“We live, we get loud, and spill some drinks of the Citadel.”

Jacob Taylor is a human biotic and Cerberus Operative. He is a former Alliance Marine, under the command of Major Derek Izunami. Jacob was present at the Geth attack on Eden Prime. He resigned a short time later. He has worked alongside Miranda Lawson for the past two years.


[edit] Background

Jacob's previous mission involved a Batarian plot to assassinate a Batarian politician Ambassador Jath'Amon. Miranda Lawson makes contact with Jacob after a referral from his previous Alliance commanding officer, Derek Izunami. Derek asks Jacob to meet with Miranda on the Carrtagena Station, in the Nemean Abyss. Specifically, Jacob is sent to meet her in a bar called "The Fringe". Upon Jacob's arrival, he is attacked by a group of pirates led by Clint "Black Eye" Darragh. Miranda watches from a distance as Jacob deals with the pirates. When she reveals herself to Jacob, she quips that she expected someone taller.

Miranda explains that she and Jacob are to expose a Batarian plot to assassinate a Citadel politician, Batarian Ambassador Jath'Amon. The assassination is to take place during peace talks between the Batarian government and the Citadel Council. Miranda gives Jacob a list of three sources which may have be related to the Batarian plot. The first, Illo Nazario, a Turian arms dealer on the planet Tortuga. The second, an Orbital Platform, the Ahn'Kedar, where the Batarians have reportedly kidnapped several leading scientists. The final source, the planet Bekke, where an army of Batarian extremists is supposedly gathering.

Miranda introduces her contact Ish to Jacob on Tortuga. Ish provides Jacob with the codes for Illo's compound. Jacob and Miranda find Illo, after he has been exposed to a deadly bio-weapon. They agree to find a cure for Illo in exchange for the information he has on the Batarains. On Ahn'Kedar, Jacob rescues the captive scientists and learns a large quantity of element zero is required to create a cure.

When the duo investigate the planet Bekke, their ship comes under heavy fire. Miranda reports that there are strange readings emitting from the surface. Jacob fights his way through the base, discovering a large supply of element zero. Miranda collects both Jacob and the element zero. Back onboard the ship, Miranda and Jacob interrogate Illo, promising him the cure in exchange for his knowledge. He reveals that Ambassador Jath'Amon is actually the leader of the Batarian extremists. Jath'Amon plans to release the bio-weapon on the Citadel Council. The two then travel to the Citadel where they find that the Batarians have infiltrated C-Sec. Jacob is able attack the Batarians and subdue Jath'Amon. Thanks to Miranda and Jacob, the Citadel Council were saved. Following the Batarian plot, Miranda accompanies Jacob to the Arcturian Jade with a bottle of celebratory champagne.

[edit] Dossier


Jacob Taylor was born in 2157, eventually joining the Alliance later in life. Jacob initially was an independent starship Captain in an Alliance sponsored group called the Corsairs. The Corsairs were created to partake in operations that fell outside of Alliance jurisdiction. This made the Corsairs expendable, allowing the Alliance to deny any knowledge of their existence. Eventually Jacob left the Corsairs to peruse a career as an Alliance marine. He was stationed on Eden Prime serving under the command of Major Derek Izunami. Following the Geth attack, Jacob left the Alliance.

Jacob then joined Cerberus, viewing it as a chance to make a difference and serve humanity. Although Jacob has less restrictions than in the Alliance, he is still cautious of the more ruthless members of the organization. Following the destruction of the Normandy SR1 and Commander Shepard's death, Jacob was placed under Miranda's direct commander, serving as her lieutenant in the Lazarus Project. He was placed in charge of the Lazarus Research Station's security. In the following two years, Jacob and Miranda formed a relationship, however, it eventually ended. Jacob believes that Miranda deserves a better man than him.

In 2185, the Lazarus Research Station came under attack by LOKI Mechs. It is later revealed that the lead scientist Wilson hacked the mechs, programing them to kill the Cerberus staff. Shepard is awoken earlier than planned and encounters Jacob in combat with the Mechs. The two then encountered Miranda, who killed Wilson before ordering Shepard and Jacob on to the last escape shuttle. Jacob then accompanied Shepard to Freedom's Progress. There, Shepard, Miranda and Jacob discovered that the Collectors were behind the attack.

Follwoing the mission to Freedom's Progress, Jacob joins Shepard's team aboard the newly created Normandy SR2. Jacob serves as the ships Armory Officer, in charge of the upkeep of the squad's weapons. Jacob displays a calm nature, always looking for ways to end conflict and often agreeing with the decisions that Shepard makes. During his time on the Normandy, Jacob becomes a close friend to Shepard. Joker claims that Jacob is too nice of a person for the amount of ways he knows how to kill someone. Jacob is distrustful of Mercenaries, cautioning Shepard when dealing with Thane.

[edit] Romance

It is possible for female Shepards to romance Jacob. Initially, Jacob shows no interest in Shepard, not knowing enough about her to become intimate. Shepard replies that there is enough for them to get things started. Jacob will eventually mention his father after a few conversations. After the completion of Jacob's Loyalty mission, Shepard can begin the basis of a relationship between the two. Jacob claim that his past is now behind him and that he can now focus on other matters. If Shepard asks about how Jacob is dealing with his father, replies that he is fine and no longer cares for him. He then asks Shepard how she is dealing with her problems. Shepard has various responses at this point. She can admit that she is lonely - he previous crew have disbanded, while she remains the same as two year previous. Jacob replies that he is sorry, and that they may have only disbanded due to losing Shepard. Shepard can also claim that she feels guilty for the many loses at her hands. Jacob replies by praising her compassionate side, claiming that without it she would become cold, like the Illusive Man. Jacob then holds Shepard's hands while she kisses his cheek.

Before heading through the Omega-4 Relay, Jacob will go into Shepard's quarters. He will mention that it is risky, sneaking into her room but it is worth it. Shepard can reply with a variety of responses, either Paragon or Renegade. The romance scene will then commence.

If Jacob survives the suicide mission, Shepard can ask him how he is doing. Jacob will respond by kissing Shepard, claiming that he wants to spend more time with her.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Powers

Class: Cerberus Operative
Incendiary Ammo - Requires Level 2 Pull
Cerberus Operative
Barrier - Requires Loyalty

[edit] Cerberus Operative

Rank 1 Health: +5.00%
Weapon Damage: +6.00%
Rank 2 Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +12.00%
Rank 3 Health: +30.00%
Weapon Damage: +18.00%
Rank 4 Health: +40.00%
Weapon Damage: +18.00%


Health: +30.00%
Weapon Damage: +25.00%

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