Illusive Man

Illusive Man
Illusive Man.png
Illusive Man
RankLeader of Cerberus
Voice ActorMartin Sheen

The Illusive Man is the leader of the Cerberus organization and employer of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2.

The Illusive Man's real name and his life before Cerberus are both long forgotten. His main goal is to secure a strong role for humanity in the universe.

[edit] Trivia

  • The comic book Mass Effect: Evolution, written by Mac Walters, will explore the origins of the character. The main character, Jack Harper, due to his young appearance at the time of the Shanxi occupation and his resemblance to the Illusive Man's voice actor and original model for the character, Martin Sheen, leads one to assume to he will become the Illusive Man. This information is still slightly speculative and will be revealed in the upcoming chapters.

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