Shepard and Ashley talking to a Hanar

The Hanar are a species resembling jellyfish, standing slightly taller than a human with 3 fingers at the end of each of their tentacles. They come from the planet Kahje, which is covered by 90% ocean and orbits around a white star, which results in a permanent blanket of clouds. Kahje also has a notable presence of Prothean ruins. Since they have no way to verbally communicate, they converse with each other using bioluminescence, which can be easily translated into Human diolague. When translated, their speech is very polite and eloquent, which sometimes causes other races to view the Hanar as "elitist snobs" because of their intolerance for 'incorrect' speech.

The Hanar have two names, a "face name", which is used as a general label by strangers, and a "soul name", which is used among close friends and partners. Hanar rarely refer to themselves in first person, especially when around strangers as they consider it disdainful.

The Hanar strongly believe the Protheans, affectionately known as the "Enkindlers" to the Hanar, were the pinnacle of civilized life and higher intelligence. In Mass Effect, there is a preaching Hanar on the Presidium and there is a news story about a group of Hanar defending some Prothean ruins from Salarian excavators.

[edit] Notable Hanar

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