Hades Gamma

Hades Gamma
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Hades Gamma Cluster is located in the far east of the Milky Way. Their are no missions with the cluster, but there is 10 Assignments to complete.

The word "Hades" refers to the ancient Greek god of the Underworld. All five systems within the cluster are named after characters or locations in the early 14th Century book Inferno from the Divine Comedy.

[edit] Systems and Planets

Systems Planets
Antaeus Ageko / Edmos / Ploba / Trebin / Vemal / Hunidor
Cacus Zayarter / Chohe / Xamarri / Faringor / Treyarmus
Dis Jartar / Nearrum / Klensal / Gremar / Raysha
Farinata Tunshagon / MSV Ontario / Juntauma / Nepneu
Plutus Mingito / Maidla / Clocrolis / Nonuel / Veyaria

[edit] Assignments

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