RankKrogan Berserker
Voice ActorSteve Blum
"Warlord, legacy, grunt... grunt. 'Grunt' was among the last. It has no meaning. It'll do."

Grunt is a genetically engineered tank-bred Krogan super soldier. He is the pinnacle of Krogan evolution, possessing the traits of the greatest of Krogan Warlords. Grunt is excessively violent, loving nothing more than a good fight. Unlike most Krogan, Grunt is immune to the effects of the genophage.


[edit] Background

Commander Shepard encounters Grunt during his excursion to Korlus in his search for the Krogan Warlord Okeer. Dr. Okeer had become obsessed with his investigation of the genophage. Okeer had concluded that surviving the genophage did not produce the strongest of Krogan. Instead, Okeer devoted his time to creating the perfect Krogan, one whom was pure and vastly superior to the rest of the species. He promised the Blue Sun mercenaries that he would create an army of genetically enhanced Krogan in exchange for their funding. After extensive work and thousands of rejected experiments, Okeer eventually sought the aid of the Collector's. In exchange for thousands of Krogan specimen, the Collector's provided Okeer with enough technology to create his pure Krogan. Okeer eventually betrayed the Blue Suns, unleashing his failed experiments on them as he tried to extend his time working on Grunt. By the time Commander Shepard defeated the Blue Sun leader Jedore, Okeer had already died in a gas attack. He left a message for Shepard, stating that if he had any useful information, he would have given it to him. He concludes the message by asking Commander Shepard to take Grunt.

[edit] Dossier

Grunt Normandy.png

When Shepard releases Grunt from his tank, the Krogan immediately attacks Shepard, pinning him against the wall. He expresses his desire to kill Shepard, but before doing so wants to known his own name. He eventually chooses the name Grunt; the last name Okeer had called him before his death. He believes that it is short and simple and best describes his training and purpose. Shepard persuades Grunt into helping him fight the Collector's, either claiming it will be a "good fight" or shooting him multiple times. If persuaded, it is revealed that Shepard had a gun against Grunt's chest the entire time. This gains Grunt's favor, saying, "Ha! Offer one hand, but arm the other".

Grunt is more reckless in battle, compared with more disciplined Krogan such as Wrex. His lust for violence causes him to charge into battle, often without Shepard's consent. However, despite his recklessness, Grunt is still an asset to Shepard's team due to his unmatched strength and combat efficiency.

When not in combat, Grunt shows an enthusiastic, almost childlike attitude when conversing with Shepard. He looks to Shepard for guidance. This is due to his young age, lack of knowledge of the Krogan species and his lack of experience with the galaxy. He was educated solely from images Okeer provided him during his time in the tank. Eventually Grunt uncovers the meanings of the battles, remembering great battles and seeing the funny side to killing Turians and Salarians. Grunt is pleased that he composed a long list of enemies in a short space of time. Grunt respects Shepard's leadership due to his combat experience, his numerous enemies and his participation in many battles.

Grunt eventually deems Shepard as his Battlemaster, claiming that Shepard has no equal.

Grunt has different reactions based on Shepard's decision at the end of the game. If Shepard decides to save the Collector Base for Cerberus, Grunt says that it was the right decision, claiming that when an enemy gives you a weapon, you use it. If Shepard destroys the Collector Base, Grunt agrees, depicts it as the ultimate insult to Cerberus and the best conclusion to a fight.

[edit] Combat

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Powers

Class: Krogan Berserker
Concussive Shot
Incendiary Ammo - Requires Level 2 Concussive Shot
Krogan Berserker
Fortification - Requires Loyalty

[edit] Krogan Berserker

Rank 1 Health: +20.00%
Weapon Damage: +5.00%
Health Regeneration: 20.00 points per second
Rank 2 Health: +30.00%
Weapon Damage: +10.00%
Health Regeneration: 30.00 points per second
Rank 3 Health: +40.00%
Weapon Damage: +15.00%
Health Regeneration: 40.00 points per second
Rank 4 Health: +50.00%
Weapon Damage: +15.00%
Health Regeneration: 55.00 points per second


Health: +50.00%
Weapon Damage: +25.00%
Health Regeneration: 40.00 points per second

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