Exodus Cluster

Exodus Cluster
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The Exodus Cluster can be found in the south of the Milky Way. The game begins within the Exodus Cluster, Shepard and his team have been sent to Eden Prime to recover a Prothean Beacon. This cluster is also the location of Mass Effect's first DLC pack; Bring Down the Sky.

The name "Exodus" could be related to either the second book in the Hebrew Bible or the event which saw all of the Israelites freed from Egypt by Moses. The two Systems within the Cluster are named after mythological cities.

[edit] Systems and Planets

Systems Planets
Utopia Arcadia / Eden Prime / Zion / Nirvana / Xanadu
Asgard Terra Nova / Asteroid X57 / Borr / Tyr / Loki

[edit] Missions

[edit] Assignments

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