Eden Prime: Prologue


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Eden Prime: Prologue
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LocationEden Prime
Given ByCaptain Anderson
ObjectiveRetreive a Prothean Beacon
Next MissionCitadel: Expose Saren

[edit] On the Normandy

The Mission starts on the SSV Normandy as Commander Shepard. You hear that you're heading to Eden Prime on a shakedown run, there's also a Spectre on board called Nihlus Kryik. The rest of the crew believe this more than a shakedown mission because the Citadel Council wouldn't send a Spectre on such a simple mission.

Captain Anderson will call you down to the communications room to discuss the mission. On the way, you can talk to Navigator Pressly, Corporal Jenkins and Doctor Chakwas. When you arrive, Nihlus is already waiting for you. Nihlus starts an argument where he criticizes humanity's decision to colonize in such a dangerous area as Eden Prime. Before the argument gets too heated, Captain Anderson arrives and tells Shepard what's really happening in the mission. The scientists on Eden Prime have discovered a Prothean Beacon and they want the Normandy crew to retrieve it. Nihlus is there to access Shepard's performance in the mission because the Citadel Council have considered him a prospect for the Spectres.

Captain Anderson is then interrupted by a distress call from Eden Prime. Cheif Gunnery Ashley Williams says the planet is under attack from an unknown enemy. When the Normandy arrives at Eden Prime, Anderson sends out a ground team consisting of Commander Shepard, Kaidan Alenko and Richard L. Jenkins to recover the beacon.

[edit] Eden Prime

When you gain control of Commander Shepard, go left past the river. You'll past a group of creatures called Gas Bags. They won't harm you, but you can kill them for EXP. If you decided to kill them, don't stand too close to them because they release a poisonous gas when they explode. Shortly after passing the Gas Bags, the game will go into a cut scene which shows Corporal Jenkins getting shot down by Geth Drones.

Find cover behind the rocks and shoot down the Geth Drones. After destroying them, speak with Kaidan to confirm that Jenkins is dead. Now head up the hill to confront more Geth Drones, destroy them and continue up the hill where you'll see Ashley Williams. She's trying to flee from some Geth Troopers, kill them and talk to Ashley who says the Geth came out of nowhere and killed her entire squad. She knows where the Beacon is located and agrees to lead you there.

Jenkins shot down by Geth Drones

When you arrive at the dig site the Beacon is gone, Ashley says somebody must have moved it and suggests that you continue on the path as there may be clues at the camp site. When you reach the research camp you'll be attacked by a group of Husk which are humans that have been transformed into robotic zombies by the Geth. Clear the camp site of the Husk and head into the the camp shed to find Dr. Warren and Manuel. After they tell you everything they know about the Beacon, leave the camp and continue up the path.

At this point the game will trigger a cut scene showing Nihlus meeting Saren Arterius - a fellow Turian Spectre. Saren told Nihlus that the council had sent him down to Eden Prime to assess the situation. Unaware that Saren had betrayed the council, Nihlus let his guard down while talking to Saren and payed the price with a bullet in the back. The game cuts back to Shepard while Saren is pointing his gun at Nihlus, move a little further up the hill and you'll hear the gun shot.

At the top of the path you'll see a giant space ship about 20 times the size of the Normandy. This is followed by more Geth and Husk attacks, kill them and head to another camp shed to the right. Inside are 3 farmers led by Cole, when you've finished talking to them about the giant ship and the Beacon one of the farmers will suggest that Cole gives Shepard some of their smuggled supplies. If you have any skill points in Charm or Intimidate you can suggest or threaten that Cole should give you anything else he's hiding and he'll give you a Pistol.

As you approach Nihlus' dead body you'll find Powell hiding behind the crates. Powell was the only witness to Saren murdering Nihlus, after he's told you everything he saw head left towards the train station. Fight your way to the front of the train, killing Geth along the way until you reach the controls, activate them to move the train. At this point the game will cut to Saren who is informing the Geth to set charges all over the space port. He then walks up to the Prothean Beacon and lets it take control of him.

[edit] Recover the Beacon

Beacon exploding on Eden Prime.
When the train arrives at the space port you'll have 5 minutes to disarm 4 charges while being attacked by the Geth. The first charge is right in front of you when you get off the train. The other 3 are on the higher platform and across the bridge, be wary of the Geth Snipers, if you're playing on a harder difficulty one shot can be fatal. When all 4 charges have been disabled, head to the west of the station to find the beacon. Clear out any remaining Geth or Husk in the area and approach the beacon. This will trigger a cut scene which shows either Kaidan or Ashley (depending on your gender) accidentally activating the beacon. Before either of them can be drawn into it, Shepard pushes them out of the way and gets drawn in himself. The Prothean Beacon shows him quick flashes of disturbing images. The message was not meant to be shown to human minds and the Beacon explodes knocking Shepard unconscious.

The game then cuts to Saren who's sitting in his flagship Sovereign. His Second-in-Command Matriarch Benezia enters the room and tells him that the Beacon has been destroyed and that a Human may have used it. This sends Saren into a fit of rage where he grabs Benezia by the throat and says: "This Human must be eliminated".

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