Donnel Udina

Donnel Udina
Ambassador Udina.jpg
Voice ActorBill Ratner
"Do the words political shitstorm mean anything to you?"

Donnel Udina is the Ambassador for Humanity on the Citadel. He is very determined to get Humanity a place on the Citadel Council. He believes that the Council are trying to hold Humanity back, but the council (especially the Turian Ambassador) is quick to remind Undina that Humans are still a new species to the Galaxy and they need to prove themselves worthy of a seat on the Council.

Despite Udina being the one to push the council into making Commander Shepard a Spectre, these two have a major personality clash. Shepard is unhappy at how Udina treated Captain Anderson after removing him as Captain of the Normandy and Udina believes that Shepard's rash style of dealing with problems will make him look bad in front of the Council.

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