[edit] Galactic History

The Collectors are a race of Humanoid Insects. They are a very mysterious race of aliens of which little is known about besides the fact that they are always linked kidnappings and abductions. However no one has really seen a collector or documented one so it remains a myth as to whether they even exist. When they have appeared it has mainly been in the Omega cluster or the neighboring systems that are in the Terminus Systems. They are also the only known race to successfully use the unmapped and volatile Omega 4 Relay.

[edit] Actual History


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The Collectors are actually the modified remains of Indoctrinated Protheans from more than 50000 years ago. however that is not to say that they have actually retained anything Prothean at all. They have been redesigned and remodified many times possibly by the reapers that it is more preferable to simply refer to them as the collectors.Biologically they have nearly limitless amounts of biotic energy reserves and create nearly impenetrable mass effect fields.
Collector Drone

For many thousands of years, they have been appearing in the Terminus systems to barter their advanced technologies in return for very special individuals from the various races. Some of these trades are for living specimens of maybe 'Pure' Quarians ( Quarian who have never lived outside the Migrant fleet), Left Handed Salarians or even certain types of Krogans. Most of these specimens are used to genetically design or redesign existing Reapers. The Reapers are in fact the supreme overlords of the collectors and control them with the use of Overlords who are directly linked to a single Reaper themselves.

[edit] Current Events

Lately the collectors have been abducting whole human colonies and they were discovered by Commander Shepard, the presumed dead Hero of the Citadel who was supposed to have been destroyed when his ship the SSV Normandy was destroyed by a collector ship. Having been revived by the Pro-human Organization Cerberus through the 'Lazarus Project' Commander Shepard proceeded to investigate the disappearance of a Human colony on Freedom's Progress. It was over there that he discovered how the collectors had been using Sleeper Swarms, which were tiny bio-engineered insects used to paralyze Humans and abduct them onto their Collector Vessels. Later it was discovered that the reason that the collectors were abducting these humans was that they were infact building a new 'human' Reaper by using the genetic material of tens of thousands of humans abducted from the various different colonies.this was done mainly under the guidance of the reaper named 'Harbinger'.

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