Citadel Security Services

Turian C-Sec Officer assisting the public.

Citadel Security Services, also known as C-Sec, is the civilian police force on the Citadel. C-Sec headquarters is located in the Presidium near the Embassies. C-Sec has a force of over 200,000 security officers throughout the Citadel. Although the majority of the force is consisted of civilian personnel, some C-Sec officers have military backgrounds. C-Sec officers can be recognized by their black and blue Agent Armor.

C-Sec is headed by Executor Pallin, a Turian with 30 years experience on the force.

[edit] Locations

C-Sec HQ is in the Presidium, but only Executor Pallin works there. The rest of the forces are found in the C-Sec Academy and Customs area, down in the Wards. The Requisition Officer is also down in the Academy area, where Shepard can buy various arms and armour.

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