[edit] History

Cerberus was started sometime immediately after the First Contact wars with the Turians. They are a non-Alliance entity that initially started to stop any possible genocide by aliens on humans. In fact the name 'Cerberus' was taken for the very fact that they were tasked with guarding the door to the solar system which was the Charon relay in the Local Cluster, which was very much akin to the the three headed dog Cerberus guarding the gates to Hades. Initially they were recognized by the Alliance Military for their efforts in helping to strengthen humans on the galactic front, but as the activities of Cerberus grew more secretive and dark, the Alliance cut ties with them and now only recognize Cerberus as a Human Supremacist terrorist organization.

The main objective of Cerberus as looked upon by the Illusive Man however is for a much more noble cause than being simple Human Supremacist. He looks upon it as a organization that is dedicated more to Human Survival as a dominant species in the galaxy that is able to hold its own against any enemy. However as Commander Shepard points out, it does not justify the means by which Cerberus runs its operations which in a lot of cases include ghastly experimentation on Humans and aliens alike and very terrorist like operations in many different sectors.One such encounter would be Shepard's investigation into what happened with Admiral Kahoku and his men.The Illusive man does say that while their means might be different, their objective still is the same.

[edit] Organizational Structure

Cerberus has a wide reach over the galaxy covering nearly all of the populated systems in both Citadel Space and the Terminus Systems. The only places where Cerberus does not have a reach are places like the Migrant Fleet and in most of the Uncharted systems that are mainly run by Terrorist organizations. They run with the help of Independent Cells which have their own purposes and objectives. the number of cells are unknown and most Cerberus Operatives who are not running in the same cells have no clue as to who are in the other cells or if the other cells even exist. The only people who would know are the people who run Cerberus Operations such as Miranda Lawson and also probably the Illusive Man who is more or less looked upon as the head of Cerberus. However at any one time there are only a maximum of 12 cells operating and the rest of them become sleeper cells till activated, this is because the Illusive Man is always in control of all active cells and cannot keep track of more than that. One such cell which was headed by Miranda would be the Lazarus Cell which were responsible for rebuilding and rehabilitating Commander Shepard after he was killed in an encounter with a Collector ship.Currently there are three major cells in operation and at least about 150 active Cerberus agents according to the artificial intelligence EDI that is running on Shepard's new vessel the Normandy SR-2. Funding for Cerberus comes from various different sources and they are so difficult to trace that even the Shadow Broker has a tough time trying to keep track. However one thing for sure is that they are one of the wealthiest non governmental organizations.

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