Blood Dragon Armor

Blood Dragon Armor
Effects+15% Power Damage
+10% Shield Strength
AcquisitionDragon Age: Origins Bonus

The Blood Dragon Armor is a non-customizable armor in Mass Effect 2. The armor is acquired by entering the bonus code provided with copies of Dragon Age: Origins. The armor is available for download through the 'Downloadable Content' menu. After installation, Shepard will receive a message from Illusive Man regarding delivery of the armor to the Captain's Cabin on the Normandy SR-2.

[edit] In-Game Description

Originally created for Earth's Urban Combat Championship, this set of armor has undergone as much or more field testing than those of modern militaries. It uses a propriety power cell that costs as much as a EUCC rookie's contract. The armor's microframe computer adapts to any top-tier omni-tool, kinetic barrier, or biotic amp, giving seamless and error-free performance. The chest and shoulder piece bears the logo of the Edmonton Blood Dragons, and the inside of the armor bears the signatures of the entire team. When and how the Illusive Man got his hands on this armor is unknown.

  • Increases power damage by 15%
  • Increases shield strength by 10%

[edit] Illusive Man Email


Jacob tells me you've been keeping an eye out for cutting-edge supplies -- weapons, armor, amps, and so forth. It so happens that I had something waiting for you when you awoke in the Lazarus Research Station. It was lost in the chaos but found again when Cerberus secured the station. I had it delivered to the Normandy. Look in the armor closet in your quarters -- it'll be hard to miss.

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