The batarians are an isolated race. Batarians are bipeds and have four eyes. Batarians easily intimidate other races, because those from other races do not know which pair of eyes to focus on. Batarian "thugs" are rampant in the Terminus Systems; however, they do not represent normal citizens as the government prohibits their citizens from leaving batarian space.


[edit] History

[edit] Discovering the Citadel

The Batarians discovered the Citadel around 300 years after the Asari and Salarians created the Citadel Council. They had an embassy on the Citadel for nearly 2000 years, but in 2165 Humans began colonizing in the Skyllian Verge. The Skyllian Verge is a part of space that separates Human and Batarian territory.

The Batarian Ambassador went to the council and demanded that they announce the Skyllian Verge as an area of "Batarian interest," claiming Batarians has already started colonizing the planets before the humans. When the Council refused, the batarians left the Citadel and cut all ties with the council.

[edit] Skyllian Blitz

Ater leaving the Council, the Batarians became a rogue species with many of them making a living from Slavery, Piracy or selling illegal weapons. They launched a major assault on the human colony of Elysium located in the Skyllian Verge, the attack was funded by the Batarian Government.

The Batarians attacked in large numbers, but their starships and weapon technology were no match for the Systems Alliance. They continued to fight for several hours despite the high number of casualties, it was only when the human reinforcements arrived that they finally admitted defeat and left.

The Skyllian Blitz was only the start of what would eventually be a list of small wars between the Batarians and the Systems Alliance.

[edit] Bring Down the Sky

Balak, a batarian terrorist leader

In the Bring Down the Sky mission, the first release of downloadable content for Mass Effect, a group of batarian extremists hijack Asteroid X57 and later plan to crash it into the human colony of Terra Nova after their original plan to use the researchers as slaves did not work out. Batarian leader Balak explains to Commander Shepard that the reason for the hijacking was a 'batarian rebellion' against the humans.

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