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The Asari are from the planet Thessia. Of all the species in Council space, the Asari are often considered the most powerful and respected. This is mostly due to the fact that the Asari were the first race after the Protheans to achieve interstellar flight, to discover and inhabit the Citadel, and their establishment of the Citadel Council.

An all female race, the Asari are known for their elegance, diplomacy, and biotic talent. The Asari have a conservative and friendly attitude toward other races, allowing them to reproduce with a partner of any gender or species. Their lifespan can last thousands of years long. The Asari were instrumental in proposing and founding the Citadel Council, and have been at the heart of galactic society ever since.


[edit] Biology

An Asari's eyes when she's Melding into someones mind.

Memebers of the Asari race can live up to a 1000 years old. They will go through 3 different stages during their life that are marked by physiological and biochemical changes. The Maiden stage is from birth to around 350 years old, it's a period when young Asari want to explore the Universe and gain as much knowledge and experience as they can. The Matron stage is from around 350 to 700 years old, this is the mother period when Asari want to settle down as raise and family. The Matriarch is the final stage of an Asari life from around 700 years old until death, this is when an Asari is expected to pass their knowledge and experience to the younger generations. Many Matriarch's go into politics or become sages, they usually have a strong following of younger Asari who consider Matriarchs as their leader.

Asari can reproduce with any other species in the galaxy. They mate using a process called melding which involves connecting her nervous system to her partners via her mind, then they send and receive electrical impulses directly through the skin.

Since the Asari discovered there are other species in the Galaxy, their culture has frowned upon an Asari mating with another Asari. When an Asari mates with another species they can look into their mind learn of the history of that person, certain trait of that person will be passed on to their children. They believe when child is created by 2 Asari it's wasteful because nothing new has been gained.

[edit] History

[edit] Discovering the Citadel

The Asari Ambassador

The Asari were the first species in the Galaxy to achieve space flight since the Protheans who mysteriously vanished over 50,000 years ago. They were also the first race to re-discover the Citadel after the Prothean's vanished. The Asari discovered the Citadel around 2600 years ago, just 60 years later they were join by the Salarians. The two races worked together to create the Citadel Council.

[edit] The Elcor

Around 300 years after forming the council, the Asari wandered into a system controlled by the Elcor. With help from the Asari, the Elcor manage to discover their closest Mass Relay in just one Elcor lifetime which propels them into Galactic space and gains them an embassy on the Citadel.

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[edit] Notable Asari

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