Argos Rho

Argos Rho
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Argos Rho is a Cluster found near the center of the Milky Way. No missions take place within the cluster, but there is 10 assignments to complete including Mass Effect's second DLC pack; Pinnacle Station.

It's likely that the cluster is named after the ancient Greek city of Argos. All three systems within the Cluster are named after ancient Greek creatures.

[edit] Systems and Planets

Systems Planets
Gorgon Wuo / Vectra / Camaron / Unidentified Space Facility / Sharblu / Slekon
Hydra Varmalus / Metgos / Theyar / Canrum / Syba
Phoenix Patashi / Sylsalto / Tuntau / Pinnacle Station / Vebinok / Intai'sei

[edit] Assignments

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